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Low grade

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Hi everyone

The results of my turbt on Tuesday were low grade. So there’s no change to my current treatment of Mitomycin. They said the tumour was small and well defined. I’m happy to be home and relieved still hoping it’s the last time it comes back.

Onwards and upwards getting fit again after surgery.

What have you found that keeps the recurring beast at bay? Grateful for stories and tips

Best wishes


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That's great news...... so pleased things are stable x

Im still searching for that ultimate miracle that keeps it at bay ..... praying my BCG is the answer two doses to go .. then i wait six weeks before a check up . fingers and toes crossed

All the best

in reply to Anniemouse

Thanks 🙏 Anniemouse I’m pleased it’s low grade but I’m still looking for the magic that keeps it away too!!

How’s the BCG been for you so far? You’ve had 4 ? Everything is crossed 🤞 for all of us.

Best healthy wishes to all


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