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Bladder tumor low grade

I had a tumor growing at the entrance of the bladder and it was surgically removed

2 mo ago. Since then my surgeon and Dr are insisting a second surgery to go into the muscle tissue to see what is growing. I chose wholistic approach which is it easy to do.

Requires daily study and strict diet. Has anyone had this experience? The tumor was

Diagnosed as low grade so this is why I chose wholistic approach. Macar

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I do hope your approach to bladder cancer works for you 'cause just reading this website demonstrates how you cannot ignore early symptoms

Of this life threatening disease. You can develop problems very quickly and it can spread throughout the abdomen without any symptoms being felt.

Good luck and keep this site informed on your progress



You could consider making the diet and lifestyle changes but letting the doctors do the checks they are suggesting. Presumably they are just making sure that the tumour hasn't spread into the bladder wall - be a shame to leave it and for a problem to spread...


Hope you manage to keep it at bay with your approach , my brother in law was diagnosed with prostate cancer around the same time i was diagnosed,his specialist put him on a strict diet to keep the cancer in check until his prostate was removed, i must say it amazed me some of the things he was restricted from eating. Whether it was the diet or just luck he has recovered completely and is back at work. He still has to watch what he eats but has been given an all clear.


the doctors would be wrong not to check what is growing, they do not want to do this for fun, you can do both, have the proper check, plus the Holistic Approach, don'tcha think this is the best survival way?

I had bladder cancer surgery 40 months ago, regular check ups since, and I have taken care with diet, yet had a frightening bleed only last week. It was not return of cancer, just a blood disorder which has rectified itself.

I cannot see why you think holistic approach ALONE will do, growths in the muscle tissue are not noted for going away with holistic techniques on the evidence I have read.


I would ask the doctors why they didn't remove more tissue around the cancer to make sure they got it all. When I had mine removed they did this and as far as I know I am cancer free until my next check up x


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