Radical Cystectomy and Neo Bladder Reconstruction

Well i seen my Consultant yesterday, 2 months after my Neo Bladder Reconstruction.

He stated, that i was looking well, to which i really am feeling really well now. And he is very happy the way things are going.

Up until now ive been emptying my neo bladder every 2 hours, 24/7. He now says to go every 3 hours now, then soon to 4 hours to stretch my bladder, and im keeping dry.

The best news of all was that he said, it is highly likely that we have CURED the cancer. He did say that it was the right decision to remove my bladder..

With the Chemo i had prior, it had shrunk it right down, and had not spread.

Next appointment in 3 months time.

Now to get my fitness back.

Regards Gareth

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  • So pleased for you and best wishes for the future.

  • Thank you.

  • Good for you Gareth_G . Great to hear things are looking up for you. I have my cystoscopy scheduled for next Wednesday and will find out if my recent BCG course killed off my BC. Fingers crossed it has otherwise I may be joining you in the bladder removal club! Keep up the updates. You are providing many of us with very interesting information and it is much appreciated.

  • Hi julib, my fingers are crossed also for you. Good luck with your cystoscopy, and hopefully the BCG treatment has worked. If you do have to join the "bladder removal club" please don't have any worries. 2 months on with my Neo Bladder, i am starting to feel better now than i have in 2 years when i started having symptoms.

    Please let me know how you get on !!!!

  • Brilliant news, well done x

  • Thank you rosielane x

  • Great news Gareth

  • Thank you

  • Well done! Very good luck to you Gareth. Let's hope it stays positive.

  • Thank you Melian...

  • Great news! Keep that positive attitude.

  • Thank you jim47... always positive, i think thats half the battle

  • So glad everything is going well ... Long may it continue

  • Thank you Liz2597

  • 👍 All sounds good Gareth.

  • Thank you Rita

  • good luck and keep positive.

  • Well done! So glad it all went so well.

  • Excellent... You've done really well in such a short time with recovery

  • Thank you Rossi,, im starting to feel better now than i have in 2 years on the start of symptoms.

    Hope you are well

  • I'm fine... Thanks... Glad you on right road with recovery x

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