I am 45 years old and was just starting the second half of my life. Moved 2500 miles to be with the man of my dreams. B is so good to me...now this. So much has been going on and this hit us out of the blue. I went to the doctor then then hospital 4 times. I knew something was off track. After a catscan...boom! There it was a tumor in my bladder! The next day the surgeon operated took it out the tumor. Now onto more aggressive treatments. I know I have to be tough and fight. Sometimes its very hard to be brave. So I have a full body scan...lung scan...and a PET scan all my little d cks in row tomorrow to see what action needs to be taken.

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  • Congratulations on meeting the man of your dreams, I am a newly wed, I too moved miles from family and friends for a new life, (not as far as you though)

    You and I are lucky in that we have met the men of our dreams, because we are not facing this alone, having a caring hand to hold and big hugs really make a difference. You will make new friends on this site too, and quickly start to wonder how each person is getting on. I am sure the personal messages can be used when you just want one to one support as well.

    Be brave and be strong, this is a big thing to face but you are not alone, Chrissie xx

  • You are so young just had a tumour taken out of bladder today get results:((

  • Dear Kiki376, you will find like most of the people on this site that life really does go on, all the Fears you are feeling at this moment in time will fade I'm now two years on from stage 3 half cancer, and am living a full life. you are not a loan we are all hear for you. Good luck for the future and the new man in your life, and don't hesitate to get in contact if you need help. Rob

  • Hi...it's tough and natural to be worried ...fingers crossed for all scans tomorrow

  • I am 73 years young and married to a super lady for 49 years, she is my best friend and soul mate. I had a tumor removed in December 2015, have gone through Radiotherapy on the bladder the scan had shown secondaries on my lungs, I am currently having Chemotherapy to tackle this, the worst thing is not the treatment but the wait for results, my next scan is due mid June and it show if the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy have worked. It is very important to stay positive and not dwell on the negative aspects of the Cancer. I hope and pray you get good news soon.

  • We have all been there on this site, so we really understand what you are going through,I think the waiting is the worst once you know what is going on and can plan, good luck with all your scans today. It is ok to shout, scream and cry, we can't be brave all the time, You are lucky to be in a loving relationship take care sending positive thoughts x

  • Hi Kiki Cancer is a horrible illness that devestates so many lives.Your partner will be able to help you so much,use family members and good friends too.I remember when I found out that I had bladder cancer my head was spinning and couldn't believe it.This site should be able to help you as everybody can relate to what you are going through and please use the Macmillan nurses they were amazing to myself and my family.I wish you all the very best,be strong and you can get through this.Take care

  • Hi. Yes it's a real shock. I am 61 and sounds like my cancer. Just had a pet scan and all clear for me . Hope yours is the same. Just stay positive. It's curable but a pain in the bum to get rid of. Chin up and carry on regardless.


  • Good luck and keep positive x

  • When do you have appointment for results of scans

  • How are you doing Kiki?, we are all thinking about you xx

  • I know how you feel. I remarried after my husband passed two years ago. We moved to Ecuador. I feel less of a person with this bladder thing and I'm determined to

    Beat it with all the information I can gather. Oxygen peroxide is my weapon and all I read is positive. Glad to share. Macar

  • Bladder cancer is one of the most treatable cancers out there. Some doctors will scare the hell out of you and are quick to have body parts removed and just dowse you with chemo of some sort. My advice is to do your research...read, read and read! There are alternative treatments as well. Use common sense and do what makes sense to you, follow your gut instinct. People's experience is exactly that, their own and does not mean it applies to you. As you know, we are all different and we react differently. For your consideration here are a few of websites I checked out when I was diagnosed. Your approach to this "dis-ease" can make a big difference (mind, body, spirit and emotion). Life is not guaranteed anyone so do the best you can at any given moment 100% and that is all one can do.







    Wishing you well.


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