Lesion found in Bladder

Hi everyone,

I recently attended hospital to have a camera inserted into my bladder.

They told me I have a raised red lesion and it would have to be removed.

My question is what is the procedure and how long will it take for me to return to work?

I have done some research and know it is highly likely the lesion will be cancerous.

As I'm 43 it surprised me that I would contract this illness at my ag but as I work as an engineer maintaining trains I feel it maybe due to me being exposed to oils and greases everyday.

Many thanks for your help.


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  • Jonny

    The removal is usually done via day surgery under general anesthetic so you should be in and done the same day. The only after effect I found was stinging when peeing and possible blood in the pee for the first day. Tip here drink lots of water and pee often to aid healing.

    If your interested in the procedure Google rigid cystoscopy but don't be put off 'cause you will asleep and know nothing about the procedure anyway.

    The resulting biopsy will be notified to you within about 2 weeks.

    Good luck mate. Keep us informed


  • Jonnyfoz - I was diagnosed with bladder cancer at age 44 so can well understand how you feel. Other than the day of the procedure you shouldn't have to miss any work unless you want to. The good thing about bladder cancer (BC) is it doesn't really change your body unless things go pear shaped and you need your bladder removed. This is some months off if it is required at all, so nothing to worry about in the immediate term. Age 43 is young for BC, and the likelihood of a full recovery if you get the growth early is generally very high. Regardless, it is cancer so the best cause of action is to ensure you are in good hands with a highly regarded specialist.

    Keep us updated with your progress, as this site is a wonderful form of counselling for those of us wanting to talk to others in a similar position.

    Good luck!

  • Hi...I was 42 when diagnosed...do you have a follow up appointment with consultant at hospital

  • hi jonny,try not to worry too much,they also found lesions on my bladder which were biopsied,turns out it was nothing apart from inflammation so its not always bad news.most of the time they have to follow up anything they find just to be on the safe side,the biopsy itself is not as bad as it sounds,the only problem u should have is stinging when u pee and a small amount of blood but with plenty of water that will diminish in a day or two,good luck with the results and stay positive.

  • Hi Jonny, welcome to the defective bladder club! The procedure is called TURBT, Trans Urethral Resection of Bladder Tumour. They go in through the urethra, the lesion/tumour is cut away and cauterised to stop bleeding and the tumour is collected for biopsy. You're usually in overnight and there may be some bleeding afterwards. You subsequently pass a few pieces of blood clot after a couple of weeks as the scar heals. It sounds worse than it is. You can be back at work after a few days but I had mine just over two weeks ago and I'm still off because I had a post-op infection. I'm 49, most people with bladder cancer are over 50 but I am aware of people much younger in their 20s and 30s. I suspect I got mine from unhealthy drinking habits when I was living in China - everything is carcinogenic out there... best of luck with your procedure.

  • I had a tumor removed from the bladder in December 2015 and was in hospital overnight, a lot depends on the biopsy and the treatment that may be required. I hope you get the good news you want. Praying for you.

  • Hi Jonny,

    The surgery is done under full anesthetic, but be aware that you may have to stay in hospital for up too 3 to 7 days to recover from the internal blood clots that can accur in your bladder after the operation, for this you will have a catheter bag inserted this will allow you too recover quickly.

    It can take up to three weeks, for you to be given the biopsy results, be aware It could be cancer! And you will have to have a course of chemotherapy, and further surgery to remove the contaminated area or full removal of your bladder. However due to your age they will offer you a full bladder reconstruction. I'm now two years on from the surgery and am living a normal life.

    Good luck


  • Morning Jonny,I had a cancerous tumour removed from bladder last August and I had a one night stay in hospital.As a guide they say once your catheter is looking clear you can go home.Be aware that they advice a 4 to 6 week break from work!!Need to drink up to 3 litres a day that will help flush your bladder.But that's a vicious circle as that makes you wee more and that for a long time is extremely painful!!!.For the first few weeks your bladder is all over the place and when you need to wee to have to go ASAP not pleasant at all.I have painted a picture of what it will be like for you,not trying to scare you but for you to know what to expect.I sincerely hope it's not Cancer for you but if it is you will be in good hands.Lots of people on this site have been through it so always good advice for you.Good luck and take care

  • i had 22 tumours removed from my bladder in 2011. and it had spread to the prostate. but found the tumours were removed the same day..hope your doing well.

  • Thank you all so much for taking time to reply to me.

    I feel a lot less stressed out now and more hopeful of good news.

    I wish you all good health and good luck for the future.

  • Hi Jonny, it is a relatively simple procedure and you can probably be back at work the next day. You may get some stinging when you wee but apart from that, it's painless really.

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