Radical Cystectomy & Neo Bladder Update 2

Well i had my bladder removed for a Neo Bladder on the 24th May.

I was in hospital for 2 weeks, and discharged last monday.

All was going really well, until Thursday. I was sat at home having a nap, when i woke i was shaking uncontrollably, and found i had a temperature of 38.5.

Went straight to my GP, who took my temp, by then it was 39.5, and sent me straight back to hospital.

Basically got a slight leak in my neo bladder, and caused an infection. Been treated with antibiotics. My temp is back to normal and feeling good once again.

In for a few more days to be monitored.

Still glad i went for the Neo Bladder option.

Regards Gareth

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  • Gareth_G - that is not good news to hear you had to go back to hospital. You are one brave warrior not to mention eternally optimistic. Good for you and keep the updates coming through. For this of us possibly needing our bladders removed in coming months, all your posts are very interesting. I finished my 6 week course of BCG last week and now await a further cystoscopy in July to see how it worked. Take care. Julian

  • Hi Julian

    Good Luck for your cystoscopy in July, hope all is good for you. My temp is now back to normal. No pain, and actually feeling rather good. Im just waiting now for a CT scan on Tuesday, and hopfully the all clear to go home, and the road to recovery ..... let me know how you get on!!

  • It gets better Gareth, i had a few infections initially but plain sailing now.The neo bladder is a great choice until they invent something better.:)

  • I am feeling better now thanks, temp down pain gone, looking forward to recovery, and learning how to use my new bladder.

  • Hope you'refeeling better and will be home soon, keep positive at all times, praying for you.

  • Thank you, im getting there.

  • Wishing you well Gareth keep positive

  • It's 1 step forward and 2 steps back to begin with but given time with recovery you will improve...glad you went straight to your doctor and antibiotics have helped ...hope you continue to feel better...I have been thinking of you

  • Thank you Rossi. I am back home now, and feeling much better thanks. As with your reply, im now going for 2 steps forward, 1 step back, pretty soon it will be all steps forward : ))

  • It's so good to get home...how's things now... sorry so long with reply my phone broke and had to wait for replacement

  • Hi Rossi

    Im good thanks. I had a cystogram on Monday, alll clear, so i had my Supra Pubic catheter out yesterday. Going back on Monday to have my Ureathrel catheter out, then thats all bags gone. So looking forward now to the recovery.

    I will do an update again on Monday, as i know there are a few people interested in a neo bladder reconstruction.

    Take care Gareth

  • Wow you doing great...yes I'm sure your updates are very helpful ... Just take it easy

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