diagnosed bladder cancer

My husband was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. The tumor invaded the muscle wall but still considered at a T1 stage. Dr.'s suggested 4 months of chemo, followed by removal of the bladder. Urologist did not believe the type of chemo shot directly into the bladder would take care of it. This is a huge surgery! Need to know if something else can be done?

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  • My husband had the bcg treatment.

    He did just fine.

    He had six bcg it made him tired. His had not invaded the wall.

    Hope you gavd a really good soecialist nurse. Theg are truly worth it. If good.

    We gad a wonderful nyrse.

  • I have stage 1, Ta however, I got talking to a woman who's husband was set to have whole bladder removed at local hospital then when the doctors discussed his case and thought if it was their Dad what would they do they agreed they would send him to Guys Hospital. Not sure what hospital you are at, but after 2 bad experiences for different reasons with my local hospital I have now myself transferred to Guys and not only after talking to this lady and the better level of care I have already received, I go in for op 6th June (3rd one) I am positive I made the best decision and I should have done it first time around. Needless to say the outcome for this woman's husband was he didn't have to have all of the bladder removed, just part of it. I also am under Guys Hospital for a rare blood cancer, again after I found out the expert was located there and my local hospital didn't support me the way I believed was correct.. best decision I ever made. Remember you have the right to choose your care and you have the right to a second opinion and personally I believe this is my body, my life and I should get some say in how and what is done to it. Good luck to your husband xxx

  • Thank you so much for your reply! Good luck to you also. . .

  • i am now 70 but in 2012 i was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Much cancer was found but had not gone thru wall- had first surgery, then a second look surgery. Then 6 bcg infusions, a week apart. Have a great surgeon here in Seattle. Seems they determine how many of the bcg series based on the size/amount of cancer they remove. After the initial 6, i must have a total of 7 rounds of the bcg- in between is a 3 month period followed by bladder inspection. If you are in doubt, and can afford to, you might consider a second opinion.

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