Bladder cancer shock

Cancer shock.i have written a piece earlier with my pic but am elderly. 88in August and it was found early March a few weeks ago I should have been referred to a urologist last October but the hospital said they lost my notes,however I was going to have To wait until this month,take my turn in the wait que so I paid private and have had all of the tests where I would still be waiting to see the urologist .I am deeply angry because of the incompetence of my local hospital.these tests and the turbt operation I have had to have has cost me £8 ,000 total but I can't spend it if I am dead. I get all of my results of tests and options May 9th so not long to wait. I can't have chemo because of my right kidney not functioning properly. I will be offered the bladder removal if I am fit  enough and of course my choice.i have a good head on my shoulders but owing to the age I am will it be too much .my surgeon said he did the bladder removal on a 90 year old who survived it well.I started continuing weeing last September and it is so degrading to me as it prevents me going out to places as one continuous stream and has cost a fortune on tena lady but I now get free pads but still have to buy more.I am glad I found this site because instead of crying all the time I can write how I feel to people who understand

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  • Don't worry bud. Hang in there.  Just the will to live will get you through.  I'm living with the bag now and there's no inconveniences. Keep us posted and if you wanna chat at anytime feel free to. Good luck and God bless. 

  • Awh I'm so glad you have found us...yes I ended up the same with weeing every 5 mins to the point I couldn't go out... It's not good...could you take your case up with PALS at your local hospital who kept you waiting... Waiting is the worst...any questions we all here for you

  • I love your positive attitude,i am hoping your bladder removal goes well and i hope you are around long enough to get your telegram from the queen. :)

  • Hi sunshine51.  Great name. Love it..

    Well I'm 61 and I am writing this while waiting for a PET scan .

    What a cockup! I feel for you . Keep your chin up . What hospital was it? 

  • Well I won't say yet as after all is over regarding results and options I may have ,I am hoping that I can get some feed back as to why these delays were not looked into. I have a lovely surgeon and oncologist that I have yet to meet and need to put my trust in but having to pay out all of this money makes me really upset as I could ill afford it but I knew my life was at stake and could wait no longer to be attended to. After my husband died 2014 I would have welcomed dying myself but now it's a bit easier to bear I did not exspect all of this. I am a strong person and have a good since of humour ,hoping this will help me pull through.It is  so helpful knowing I am not alone with this dreadful thing.

  • Hi Sunshine that's shocking that you had to spend all that money because of the incompetence of your local hospital.Very good luck with your results in May.Age is just a number and your doing great.Take care x

  • Hi Sunshine51

    Like you im glad i found this site, as its good to talk to other people.

    From the onset of my symptoms, (pain when passing water), to my actual diognosis of muscle invasive bladder cancer took about 18 months, its so annoying. I was thinking of going private, if i had, it may of saved my bladder. But i'm now booked in to have my bladder removed on the 24th May, and having a Neo Bladder reconstruction.

    I had 4 sessions of chemo starting in Feb, then had a heart attack after the 4th session, i'm 56 by the way.

    I've recovered from that now, and looking forward to my surgery in May.

    Good luck with your results,,,, and as i say   "keep on smiling"

  • Well Gareth I will try to accept it with a smile but ops don't worry me but this cancer does. I was nursing for 35 years so have an idea what's going on even with more modern methods.for a start the anaesthetic is safer,the. Risk of infection is not so fierce as in my days and even then people came through but took longer to in three today hav cancer affecting them but if you have a good surgeon who knows his job we will be ok.i have had the turbt op and came through it well at 87 and am quite fit for my age having a good living in the past eating the right foods so yes if I get the option to have the op I will have it done.dont worry as its better to be rid of this decease than holding on to it.mine has not gone to other parts so that is reassuring but it has hit the muscle as yours has but keep in touch and tell me how you get on. 

  • Yes i sure will.... Looking forward to my surgery now, as so to get rid of it. 

    And yes i will let you know how i get on.

    Take care.

  • Never fear ops in today's methods. You must be Welsh with a  name  like Gareth,Swansea  Perhaps

  • Hope you are well ,,,,,, Yes i am Welsh, i live in Cwmbran, which is about 5 miles from Newport

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