Update on my Bladder Cancer

I wish I had good news but don't, and I was prepared for this. The good news is I'm not terminal. I am stage 4 bladder cancer called Urothelial Carcinoma. I get a port put in place on Friday. Most likely start chemo a week from this coming Monday. I will also have a bone scan on Thursday to see if the cancer is in the bones. Reason for this is to treat the bones too if cancer is present so they don't become brittle. Treatments are done in cycles using 2 drugs mixed together. I don't remember the names. 1 cycle is 1 treatment/week for 2 weeks and then 1 week off. I will do 4 of these and then get a ct scan to see if chemo is working. If yes keep doing same treatment. If not I move to a 4 drug concoction and do the same treatment schedule. If works, good and keep going. If not, let cancer takes its course. Kids know only that cancer somehow got out of the bladder and BCG is no longer an option for treatment...that we have to move to chemo to effectively treat the escaped rogue cell that got loose. Naturally when and if it becomes apparent that I cannot get ahead, we will tell them. I went from stage 1 non-invasive to stage 4. There was no in between. My last cystoscopy in June was uneventful. My doctors have no clue how this remotely happened. There was no reason for CTU to be performed cause I was not feeling bad. I was feeling fine until last treatment 5 weeks ago. Every thing has changed since that time. Pray for our family that the chemo does me well.

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  • Best of luck dealing with your disease , keep us updated. :)

  • Prayers are with you and your family

    I can not comprehend for a moment what you are feeling and going through .

    Stay strong and positive and beat this nasty disease


  • My prayers go out for you.please almighty one heal. Please.

  • Sending luck and positive energy to you and your family. Stay strong and take each step as it comes.

    Let's hope the first mix of chemo works.

  • Our very best wishes to you and your family. There are a whole load of us rooting for you. Hope the strength of will works.

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