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Bladder Removal Surgery in Las Vegas

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment for muscle invasive bladder cancer. Upon completion of chemo, I will need to have my bladder removed. I have decided to go with ileal conduit (stoma with bag for life) surgery rather than a neo-bladder construction. My oncologist has recommended I go to USC Norris Cancer Center. After a consultation at USC, my wife and I are not convinced that's the way to go. Are there any people out there who have had the bladder removal surgery in Las Vegas who were pleased with the outcome and can recommend a Las Vegas surgeon? Thanks.


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Jimpa Sorry to hear your situation has got to this point. I would be interested to know why you are going with the stoma as opposed to a neo-bladder. I am expecting to need my bladder removed in coming months following a cystoscopy in late August and assumed a neo-bladder was the way to go. I am a male aged 46, and a regular Vegas visitor from Australia and blame my BC on an e-cig which I was introduced to in Vegas 3 years ago and i got incredibly addicted to. My next trip is all booked for this September and I am counting down the days.

Interestingly, my oncologist told me that if I was living in the USA, they would have immediately recommended my bladder be removed as the US surgeons adopt a much more aggressive approach (some may call it conservative) compared to Australia.

Sorry I can't be of more help, and good luck with your decision and finding the right surgeon.


Hi Julib I am in Australia and had no choice it was bladder removal and stoma. Stage T4 Aggressive invasive..While not ideal I have just passed my five years survival ....Travelling all over the place living a full and happy life ..Never will be comfortable about the bag but such is life .If everyone gets the five years I have had we will be lucky. I am now starting on my next five years survival plan.

Good luck.

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ilovecountrymusic can I ask why you had no choice re stoma V neo bladder? Why did you have no choice? Does the surgeon decide for you? I have no idea. Good to hear you are doing well.


Poor kidney function will eliminate the neo bladder alternative.


I have an ostomy bag and very pleased with the results but I can't recommend anyone in Vegas mine was done in Manitowoc Wisconsin sorry


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