Bladder cancer shock

Bladder cancer shock

I am an 87 year old lady who was diaonosed with this muscle invasive cancer of the bladder grade three. I have had various scans and am now waiting for the results as to what options I have for treatment. I was continuously weeing  so had two weeks in hospital treated for a rare bladder infection and was supposed to be refered on discharge to a ulologist but my notes were forgotten so had to wait a further six months to be seen and had I not checked my discharge notes I would no doubt still be waiting,so in the six months that I should have been seen,the surgeon spotted cancer.Reassureingly it has not spread to any other organs and if I am fit enough I think I will opt for the removal of the bladder op as I have one kidney not working as well as it should but am told it is safer to keep in than take out.I feel at my age that if I die under the operation I won't know so will take that chance.

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  • Hi I have just been diagnosed with the same as you last Monday I am a 52 year old mum. I have been told my only option is total bladder removal but am not a candidate for reconstructive surgery. Have you asked about having the bladder removed laparoscipally? This seems a far more gentle way to remove the bladder and has a much shorter recovery time. Take care and stay brave x

  • Hi...look into all options... I had no choice but to have bladder removed... It is scary but I've come through it

  • Thank you for your reply and I am trying to stay brave but my husband died 18 months ago so he would have comforted me and I am pleased though that he knew nothing of this, we were married 67 years so of course I have no body to share my life with anymore apart from my family who have lives to live of their own so I don't tell them too much to worry them.I have a few options coming my way on May 9th so hope it will do the trick as I would like to live a bit longer with my inquisitive brain.

  • Good luck ma'am.  It's not bad. Trust your doctors and living with the bag is not too bad. At least you don't have to go all the the time and you can get to sleep.

  • Lovely picture... Here for you anytime... Never feel alone

  • Hi...great user name... Sunshine... I like awful that you got forgotten about...I've had my bladder removed just over 5 years ago's not easy...recovery is long but you do get there...waiting is the worst though

  • Thank you for your reply and I will have no alternative  but accept any option put to me so I will let you know the outcome..Thank god I am not alone with this but I mean that in kindness .

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