Just diagnosed with bladder cancer

Had cyctoscopy on Mar 4 which revealed a tumor on bladder wall.  Surgery (TURBT) performed on Mar 14 to remove.  Pathology report reads High Grade Urothelial Carcinoma; Tumor invades lamina proprietary and muscular is proprietary.  Have appointment with oncologist on Apr 1. Any advice on best questions to ask to get most out of session?

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  • Hi, what is the staging of your diagnosis  i.e. T1 or T2 etc?

  • Good luck to you

  • Ask about all options and for their recommended treatment plan.  Much depends on the precise type of cancer.  Mine is grade 2 non-invasive, so my treatments were TURBT (twice) then detailed inspection of and cystoscopies/biopsies from ureter and left kidney where they suspected it may have spread (also twice), chemotherapy and BCG 9 week course, each one followed by cystoscopy and biopsies, then 3 week maintenance course of BCG, till finally I am now facing surgical removal of the bladder 9cysterectomy)

    Also read NHS website for all options.  It or the Macmillan site, cannot remember which, even give suggested questions to ask.

  • Thank you for the info.  I really appreciate it.

  • Good luck to you.

  • Had the same cancer, surgeon suggested chemo treatments first and bladder prostate removal. Done in 2011' and so far no other cancer found. Yearly check end of April will be 5 years. Dr Izawa in London was very good for me and London cancer centre was the only place to go

  • Do you do well with having your bladder removed? What type of urine removal do you have now? Thanks for your help! Glad you are doing well. My husband is facing bladder removal.

  • I had a tumor removed on the 30th December 2015, they were not able to remove it all, I had 4 weeks of Radiotherapy which ended on the 4th March, I will have a scan this coming Thursday to determine if I have seconderies on my lungs and have an appointment with the oncologist on the 14th April, our daughter is a nurse and we will be discussing the questions we would like answers for. It will be much easier if the doctor has a good bedside manner and takes you through your options in plain English, thankfully my doctor is great and answered most questions, he even let us see the results of the first scan and the marks on my lungs. Good luck and may you receive good and encouraging news.

  • ask about BCG treatments...

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