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No fair


Went to bed with a stye in my right eye last night and woke up with a very nasty case of conjunctivitis, my eye feels like my grandson has started to make a sandpit in it ah well life goes on boo hoo it hurts and to top it off I've renched my right shoulder yet again so its gonna take even longer to heal so not fair stamps up and down like a two year old (metaphorically as would hurt to much to do said act), anyone got any suggestions on how to ease it till I can contact Drs tomorrow for an appointment? Biggest gentle hugs for all. Sithy

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My eye that is as have tiger balm and other muscle rubs plus tens machines for my shoulder, I have several my mum left me 2 when she passed and I already had 1, I should have been clearer but as hurtin brains foggy and pain in eye am not on the ball today, well not on the ball any day really but even less today. Biggest gentle hugs. Sithy

Deleted coments myself as ended up with four my phones takin forever to upload.

Ouch! you need to see a pharmacist or doctor to get the right medication. You might need antibiotic drops if it is bacterial. Meanwhile, just keep it clean, using cotton pads soaked in cooled boiled water. Throw pad away after use, and give your hands a good wash as it is very contagious. If painful you could try either cold or warm compresses, whichever feels best.

Hope you are feeling better soon

Em x

Thankyou oh ringing Dr first thing in morning am doing evry thing you suggested and boy is it sore just hope I didn't transfer it to my left eye in my sleep. Big gentle hugs. Sith

Oooooh that sounds painful.....I have had a sticky eye now for over a month , but mine is not sore just blurred till I bathe it!

Hope you are better soonxx

Gentle hugs ((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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