Can anybody help me?

Please can anybody help me, I'm having a terrible day! When I got up this morning, my right eye was red & my eyeball was very painful, I also had a headache. As the day has gone on, I have had pains in my jaw, a horrible feeling like heartburn & I've actually felt the pain going down my body. My left arm is really hurting & it's painful to touch, my right arm seems to be following the same pattern & my hips & legs are so stiff & painfully can hardly walk! Has anybody else suffered from all these things in one day? I also feel very low in mood today, I'm waiting for my afternoon meds to kick in to see if they help at all. Sorry for moaning, I will be grateful for any advice given. Thanks a lot, Tracey xx

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  • Phone your medical centre for advice, they will probably send a GP to your home to have a look at you.

  • Personally I would get to see your GP TODAY if you can't get an appt and you get any worse 999 as the symptoms you mention. Could be a flare they could also be something worse.... I don't want to worry you but it much better to be safe than sorry or do to have someone who could take you to a&e ....

    When you feel this bad unless you have just walked out of your gps its always. Better to get someone to see you quickly....

    Please let us know how you are later

    VG x

  • Thank you both for the advice, I'm going to ring NHS direct now. I will let you know how I get on later. xx

  • Good advice, Grumpy.


  • You could be on the phone to NHS direct for ages. Ring YOUR medical centre, the one where you go to see your own GP.

  • Please don't be afraid to call 999 if you get any worse - I don't like the sound of your symptoms at all!

    Moffy x

  • Hello again, I took your advice & I went to the walk-in GP at the local hospital. By the time I got there, my pain meds had kicked in & I wasn't in as much pain. He still gave me a good check-up & listened to me when I described my symptoms, when I told him I have fibro, he said he thought it was a flare up & heartburn. He gave me a prescription for omeperazole & said I should visit my own GP next week, who might order further tests. I was a bit worried before, the pain was completely different to any I've had before, especially in my jaw & arm, though I do feel a lot better now. Thank you so much to all of you for your concern & advice, I really appreciate it. Love & gentle hugs, Tracey xx

  • Glad to hear you are feeling better,take care xxx

  • Glad you're feeling better, Tracey :-)

    Glad you took the advice and got checked out. NEVER feel silly for asking for help, especially if your symptoms are stressing you out - stress only makes fibro worse.


  • Has your eye cleared up? My GP diagnosed Conjunctivitis. Toothache type pain

    can indicate Iritis, this was diagnosed for me at Casualty where I saw a doctor from

    the Eye Department.

  • Hi Tracy, I do hope you're still feeling better.

    I get terrible pain in my eyes, ears, jaw and teeth, and a neuro-otologist diagnosed Eustachian tube dysfunction in my ears, it causes the pain and also giddiness as well. I suggest you ask your GP to refer you to one.

    Just this week my consultant said I might have Sjogrens syndrome which causes very dry painful eyes. Either of these diagnoses might be relevant because they quite often accompany fibro.

    Hope this helps! Thinking of you.

  • Good morning everybody, thanks so much for your advice & care, I am going to see my GP tomorrow, as I want to make sure I'm ok. So I'll just take it nice & easy today, it's freezing cold, rainy & windy here, so staying in bed for a while today! I hope you all have a lovely Sunday & thanks again.

    Tracey xxx

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