No fair

Went to bed with a stye in my right eye last night and woke up with a very nasty case of conjunctivitis, my eye feels like my grandson has started to make a sandpit in it ah well life goes on boo hoo it hurts and to top it off I've renched my right shoulder yet again so its gonna take even longer to heal so not fair stamps up and down like a two year old (metaphorically as would hurt to much to do said act), anyone got any suggestions on how to ease it till I can contact Drs tomorrow for an appointment? Biggest gentle hugs for all. Sithy

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  • Steep a tea bag in boiling water, leave to cool, then use the teabag to apply cooled tea to your eye repeat throughout the day. This is ond of those 'old house wives' remedies which work. Hope it helps x

  • Thanks Dixiesdaughter will try that. Sith

  • Hi Sithy, I think the tea bag is a really good idea and. If you happen to have some in your fridge a slice of cucumber on each eye might soothe as well. Sending gentle hugs your way.

    Foggy x

  • Thinks.......... Tea abags and cucumber , sounds like a proper tea in the making........sends some scones, clotted cream and jam to Sithy ;-). That may take your mind off the pain for a few mins, sorry your having such a rotten day, Foggy x

  • My mother bless her used to swear by soaking cotton wool in cold tea if you had conjunctivitis. That was when everyone used loose tea. I'm sure it will do the trick xx

  • Thankyou all and thanks for the scones clotted cream and jam how did you know that was my favourite nowt better than a good cream tea to chear you up saying that a bad one will hit the spot when needed yummy, I think I lucked out on the cucumber the fish ait it all oh gives it to his plecsostomus think I spelt that wrong nare mind biggest gentle hugs to all . Sithy

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