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Has anyone tried Melatonin for sleep?

Due to my intolerance for Amitryptiline - it was suggested that I take Melatonin - it's quite cheap and I'm going to try them out , I was wondering about others' experiences with this - thank you.

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No not tried melatonin, where would you get them from

and is that what they are called.

Interesting to know if they are any good



Hi my friends boy is autistic and he takes it to sleep, and she has ran out before and he didnt sleep and was up alnight, so it does work for him but i didnt know it could work for fibro.

let us know how you get on,

hugs. kel xxxx


dont think you can buy it in england , but you can get it online x


My grandson is autistic and he has used melatonin for a few years and it's the only way he can sleep , tried it myself for a few weeks but don't think it really made any difference to me. A lot of people buy them when they travel long distance and it helps them adjust .


A friend of mine tried them and I think they helped (she hasn't got fibro but has sleep problems). I thought about it and asked in my health shop but they said they thought they were banned which put me off trying them


They don't sell the over the counter but it's easy enough to get them on-line, it's a hormone which promotes sleep and I've been advised to start off on 1Mg. (Or by phone in UK also). Supposed to be good for jet lag and an anti-oxidant too. Will let you know.


Thanks Reflections.


not 100% sure about this, but I think it is now available in the U.K. I assume it would be in health shops. Also look up 5-HTP. I cant take amitriptilin, but I take venloflaxine.


My daughter who has adhd takes them and they are fantastic for her but made me feel worse x i found they made me very drowsy the next day but i don't have trouble getting to sleep its staying asleep that i struggle with x the only thing i have found to help is nytol one a night and they are fantastic x hope this helps xx


hi , you can buy it on line but please do your research as to quality and dosage. i have used it and did help but found after a while , one os the side effects kicked in.....headaches! bad ones! but deff worth a try! i still keep some on stand by for when the sleeplessness becomes too prolonged.



The only thing with taking this is if you are already

Taking an anti depressant you could get a melatonin

Overload and this may be dangerous

So be very careful

Love viv


Rafik If you had taken this and you were on other

Medication for depression this would be why you had

Bad headaches.


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