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Arnica gel and Arnica bath soak - a suggestion

I've used arnica since QVC began and adore it! you can buy it as a gel and as a bath soak. SBC make one that has a high concentration of pure Arnica. Others dilute it.

Bath soak :-

You only need one pump in the bath [don't be rude!] the bath soak is also good to add to a bowl of hot as you can stand water for hands lower arms and feet. A bonus is that if u soak a towel in it, you can put in on parts that won't fit in a bowl ! use a binbag or open out a carrier bag and place over the towel, then put a dry towel over the top to keep the heat in - bliss! of coarse it's less messy if :-

a] someone can wring most of the water out;

b] don't add too much water in the 1st place;

c] can wrap the towel around a joint then put into the carrier.

Bonus - you can still soak other bits in bowl at same time!

I used to have a carer assisted bath and always added the bath soak. After a different carer had been, the next day the agency rang to ask what was in the water - thinking oh no "where there's blame, etc... she eplaind that the carerwanted to buy it immediately. apparently she'd slept well for the first time in months after breaking her wrist. How's that for a blind test!

Gel :- [not on open/broken skin]

put just a little on your fingers and gently

pat onto tender achy bits , don't rub or pre-warm.

regards, sandra

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this sounds marvelous sandra cannot wait to get my hands on it x gins


I have used arnica for bruises etc, but have never thought of using it for other things! I will definately see if I can get some in the bath soak form. I am regularly covered in bruises, for which I have no recollection as to how I have got them.Sounds like it would be really good thing for me to try.Thanks for the info. X


I got the Arnica gel for rubbing into my scar from carpal tunnel syndrome surgery 4 weeks ago. My diabetic nurse recommended it, she removed my stitches 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure if I should have got the cream form though, if that would have moisturized the wound more? The skin isn't broken any more, but still tender. I bought it at the shop you wear on your feet. Lol.


Thank you so much for this , Stormylady, I'm on my way to buy some now.....

Another post I have seen is using Epsom Salts for bathing which is difficult to get nowadays, apparently it has magnesium in the salts which ease fibro pain...

Soft huhs Ren


Sorry meant Sandra 99b, got so excited at the thought of something worth using .....xxxx


before I got the SBC one, I bought it in a cream from a pharmacy. the tiny tube cost £5 and was 4% arnica. I like the gel. it costs about £20 but you use such a small amount that mine lasted nearly 4 yrs in regular use. the bath soak is about £15. You can use it for 30 days and if you don't want it for any reason you get your money back less p&p, [even if it's all gone!] I don't work for qvc, I just love their arnica.

regards, sandra


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