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Me 0 - my body 10 and running away with top prize!!!

I don't post very often but read quite regularly and decided I would come on and take advantage and just vent.... So apologies but comments welcome!

I am totally fed up - I feel like since the start of this year (and for quite some time) my body is determined to not work with me at all. I tried to start the year positively with the view to continue healthy eating (I lost 20lbs last summer) and try to reduce medications this year by using more physio and alternative therapies, I get to start then sickness or migraines strike!! The latest is a very sore throat, with loss of voice, chesty cough and congestion with headaches which began last Sunday and started with Penicillin on Wed but feel worse.

I have also been suffering terrible stomach problems similar to IBS but totally crippling and putting me off food, these episodes end up lasting about a week before I can eat properly again and I have to be really careful as I have developed major panic attacks during these which my doc has given me diazepam for...

To top all that off my physio, on review of both knee replacements indicated that my left hip is prob going to need sorting soon... I'm 38 next week ;-!

Thanks for listening (I don't moan all the time)


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There is nothing wrong with venting your spleen as it were once in a while. I am a strong bel. huiever that it makes one feel better just writing it down. Bad luck you are certainly having a really rough ride at the moment I do hope you feel better soon gentle hugs to you xgins


Please don't ever apologise for moaning .... It's what we are here for...... Gosh you have have had a lot of health problems I don't blame you for having a rant...... What has your GP said about these stomach pains.. They sound very painful..... And I am not surprised you are having panic attacks when you feel so ill.... I know this is going to sound probably silly but have the stomach pains started since you started trying to reduce your meds.. It could be withdrawal symptoms ... Have you mentioned this to your GP.

I have battled with fibro for 23 years and over that time have tried meds that haven't helped at all and found meds that do.... I have tried weaning myself off them and found within weeks all my worst symptoms come back and I have tried so many alternative treatments and supplements and the only thing that got lighter was my bank balance .... So now I eat healthily and take the lowest dose of meds that I can that help my symptoms and I have meds that help me sleep and life is pretty manageable ... I still have the odd bad flare but on the whole I toddle along nicely on the meds that suit.

Please go back to your GP if you don't feel any better by Monday and if you get worse over the weekend get in touch with an emergency GP..

Fingers crossed you start to feel better soon

Please post anytime and let us know

VG x


I turned 38 in jan so youre not alone there! Although most days feel bout 80 huh? I would also say go to docs. I have ibs and v sensitive tum tum and it may be meds that affect your tum. I have capsule form as much as poss and those enteric coated slow release stuff. So defo check your medsxx


Thanks for the replies but this is the first chance I've had to read them and respond as my sore throat has developed into a bad chest infection so I,ve been in bed since Sat and had the doc out on Sun (my initial point proven lol).

Very-Grumpy - unfortunately, when my Rheumy confirmed my Fibro diagnosis last summer she couldn't prescribe me any additional meds as I was already taking everything! I've only been able to reduce some of my migraine meds due to massages I've been having so I don't really feel like I have much control over the Fibro at all at mo.

I know my immune system is rubbish but does the FM affect it much?

Thanks for the comments & hopefully I'll be feeling a bit better for my birthday this wkend.



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