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Sometimes it's just so frustrating - at the mercy of my body

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I'm having a day where I'm just so fed up and deflated and tired of being at the mercy of my dicky immune system. About 3 weeks ago I had a cold, kind of came right then last cpl weeks getting more difficult to breathe, like my chest is squashed in some antique torturous corset laced as tight as possible. Another trip to the Doctor on my lunch break today and apparently I have costochondritis (?) and inflammation around my lungs and walking pneumonia. Feels more like walking dead πŸ’€ 😩. Dr said that because my immune system is depressed by plaquenil and compromised by my Autoimmune disease (UCTD) I am more susceptible to developing complications like this 😒. I just want to be normal and do my job and be able to look after my little girl! I hate relying on others or having to ask for help. Sorry - just a bit emotionally run down today I guess .

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I understand!

Sorry your not having a break from being ill I hope you feel better soon

Big hugs x

Hi Leemaree44 I am so sorry you are going through all this I am not surprised you feel so deflated.

I hope you get some relief soon has the GP given you anything and are you on some type of pain relief.

Often it can make us feel very down make sure you are being kind to yourself and getting everything you need my friend.

Good luck

I get costochondritis and know a few others on here get it as well, I personally think it's something to do with fibromyalgia as too many of us get it. I does really get you down with all the other problems, dealing with fibro and fatigue is bad enough, xx

Thx everyone 😊 My GP phoned at dinner time with my blood test results - had to call an ambulance cos of indications of a pulmonary embolism!!! 😫 So now I'm stuck in Triage !

Leemaree44 , sorry you're in hospital but at least your GP acted quickly -- doubt mine would have done.

I too get the costochondritis, it's horrible. Hate this damn illness!

You're in the right place for help and hope you feel an improvement soon.

Great you are getting treatment Leemaree44. GP sounds a positive person. The costochondritis is something I can buy into my GP has always abbreviated it to Fibro between the ribs!

Not great we get it but just sort of encouraging we recognise it is likely yet another by-product of Fibro!

Sorry to hear that, hope all goes well, take care

I'm sure it's connected to fibro. Long before my fibro was diagnosed I noticed that I had pain between my ribs, my shoulder blades, and down the middle of my ribs. Used to wonder what on earth it was!

I've had it before but this pain didn't come back. The way I was diagnosed with FM in 2002 was due to knee pain which hasn't been much of an issue since.

I hope it passes soon. The costocondritis is painful and very uncomfortable but it's not serious. The other you mentioned sounds a lot worse.

I hope you feel better soon! Courage!

Hi Leemaree44

I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I understand exactly where you are coming form as I have also suffered with all of this from time to time. I genuinely hope that you recover soon. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Hey all πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Blood thinners working. CT scan clear in initial results. Likely just complications from compromised immunity and exposure to this terrible flu that is hospitalising so many People here. Have almost slept through an entire 30 hours so my body obviously needed the rest and just as well I'm in hospital or I would have made myself go to work and gotten even sicker probably xl

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