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im really going to blow my top soon

first of all let me say thats its been one of those weeks where everybody wants my time ,my family that is ,

somtimes i feel like im going mad ,with the 5 kids and a husband all vieing for my attention ,

i can deel with it most of the time ,but somtimes i have times where i just cant cope ,

this time of year is bad for for all the things i have to remember with 4 children in school ,ive noticed ive started to panick a bit ,and my heart is beeting too fast ,cause of trying to remember everything ,

i write things down ,but still forget lol

ive been trying to get on here cause atleast i can talk to you guys and know everyone understands me .

everytime i try ,theres someone talking to me ,asking questions .telling me somthing ,

as i sit here writing my daughter has just had a teenage tantrum ,so now im crying :(

anyone want to give me hugs lol

somtimes i feel they dont care as long as everything they want is done ,when i feel like poo .......


anyway i love my family even if they do make me mad and wouldnt want it any other way really ,life would be a bit boring otherwise lol

thank you for listening to me ,gentle hugs everyone nte nite xxxxxxxxxx

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gentle hugs to you xx i know how you feel i have 4 teenagers 2 wigh adhd (1 has bipolar as well) i do get time to myself but when they go into one i just dont have the energy hubby works away all week but comes back at weekend and wants my attention which i dont mind but usually exghaussted after a week of work and the kids


Lots of hugs Lynz, shut yourself in your bedroom and leave them to it! :) xx


lock yourself in the bathroom and leave a sign outside saying sod off and leave me alone for 5 because you have all upset me. Men and kids dont get that we have feelings as well. Be blunt and maybe they will get it.

In the meantime, the biggest hugggsssss for you


Big hugs Lynz . I know how you feel . Sometimes no matter how much you love them all you just want a bit of peace !

With my son being autistic he doesn't read facial signs or tone of voice ( though he's learned a bit and is better than he was ) . So I used to have a sign I would hang on the door that laid it out in no uncertain terms that I was having 5 minutes and wasn't to be disturbed unless it was an emergency . His teacher used the same technique in reverse , a sign for him if he needed to ask a question or didn't understand , because he wouldn't put his hand up in class, so I nicked the idea lol.

I've also learned the " not listening " skill , taught myself to zone out for 5 minutes :)

I've used that one a few times the last couple of days since Rich hurt his back :)

Hope you have a restful night.



big hugs lynz & to all u other great mums, not being a mum i may not understand. but being a daughter who is sometimes demanding and have not always giving my mum five mintues. so big respect to all you mums. x x


thank you every one it meens alot to have your lovely comments ,

big hugs to you all :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Bless you love, big hugs from me too. I haven't been on much at all today, not sure where the day went!

At least my demanding little terrors go home at 6pm :)

Sleep well. xxxxx


and you sue :) xxxxx


At least we can sound off here and know that everyone on here understands.

Tomorrow is another day and who knows it could be the day they find a cure for us.


Hi lynz,

I know what you mean about five minutes peace, sometimes i just want to scream SHUT UP lol.

I have the teenage tantrums but most of the time its my otherhalf thats the loudest, whistling and hurting my ears.

Hope you feel better tomorrow, i am dreading the school holidays as i really wont get any peace lol.

take care, kel xxx


Sorry was supposed to send you a hug.



thank you all again , for the lovely comments ,it really does meen a lot that you understand ,and are all so lovely xxxxxx


AWFUL isn't it, but I'm sorry to say it's time your family started to understand--even teenagers are capable of understanding,print out all the info you can about the condition and give them, older ones should help younger ones to understand---don't shoulder the burden alone, i'm sure your family love you but they won't understand so reassure them of your love but there's things you can't do---it's hard so try and explain to them that it comes and goes,kids really can understand a lot----hope it goes well for you ---be at peace with yourself none of us are perfect


Aw Lyns its not nice when everyone wants a piece of you and you havn't got anything left to give. I get a lot of fibro fog and when it feels as though people are coming at you from all angles it does give you a sense of panic. When you feel like this the best thing to do is try and take a few minutes out and concentrate on your breathing until you calm down a little.Good idea to write things down though, if I dont do that I forget everything, I got a little worried at one stage that I was developing dementia but when things calm down it does get a little easier.

Hope you feel more relaxed now, sounds like you need a few hours to yourself to chill out. Take care xx


Lynz I hope you manage to get some peace today - sending you big gentle hugs xxx


being a mum of 5 ages 27 25 23 19 13, i nkow only to well how hard it is, I was having one of my foggy days on saturday my eldest couldnt understand a thing I was saying, my youngest is going through the terrible teenage stage, so there a lot of slamming doors sulking and crying, my eldest daughter , is working all the hours god sends and is frazzled,and Im stuck in the middle of it, I cant play referee anymore theres times now I just need to be alonne to cope with the pain,or just to reconcil to being ill


yes i know what you meen ,i feel like i referee all the time ,it used to be just my girl but now its all 4 of the elder ones they all agrivate each other ,drives me potty lol


thank you everyone again ,dont know what id do with out everyone on here ,probably go stir crazy lol ,

i went to my mums today ,had to take her to docs ,we had matching sticks lol

stopped at hers after and had a moan and rant to her ,my husband had my little one so it was nice and i got my 5 mins ,

makes such a difference i feel quite calm at mo ,untill about 3.15pm lol

thank you again xxxx you really are a god send xxxxxx


defo got big soft hugs from me hun! xxxx


Hi Lynz,

My daughter is 23 and still behaves like a child.

If your daughter doesnt listen to you then the best

thing to do is ignore her (they hate this). If she wants

anything then she has to come to you, and they always

want something lol. I went through this with my youngest

who like I said is 23 and am still going through it. All I do is

when she asks for something I say No not until you start

treating me with respect and start helping me instead of

giving extra things to worry about. I explained how ill I am

and it does work. Like i said she still does it on the odd

occasion now but I just ignore her and she soon comes

running. hope it helps..... you can do without this.....has

your Dr put you on any antidepressants? Im on Citalopram,

athey take a few weeks before you notice any difference but

they do take the edge of your stress. Sending you lots of gentle

hugs. Angel :-)


thank you ,i have been to docs for this and he said " your not stressed ,or depressed enough my dear "

so promptly went home and cryed the wrest of the day lol and the thing with this fibro if somthing upsets you , thats you done for ages before you can pick yourself up again

thank you all agian for your lovely comments :)

atleast i have you lot on here xxxx :-D


Hi Lynz,

I know exactly how you feel, my kids never give me a minutes peace, my daughter is 19 and left home a year ago to live with her boyfriend.

They had baby bella, who's 1 in 2 weeks, the relationship didn't work out so my daughter and bella moved back into my house about a month ago, I had a whole year of peace and quiet, it was so nice.

She never leaves me alone now, constant attitude, always asking me to mind the baby, never cleans up her mess, she drives me potty! don't get me wrong shes a great mother but a very messy person, she leaves the house a mess all the time, then I have to clean it up which then makes me more tired and then end up in bed ill again. I've tried to tell her shes being unfair but she doesn't care.

Then I have my son (he's 17) who's the most selfish boy I've ever known in my life and wakes me up all the time, he doesnt care if I've not slept all night because of pain, neither of them believe I'm ill and tell me often I'm lazy because I sleep alot, trying to make them understand is impossible.

I just don't know what to do, its all take take take and stress on a daily basis, they don't get on so always arguing, more stress. I wouldn't speak to a dog the way they speak to me, kids have no respect these days.

Its certainly not easy and totally understand what you mean about trying to get 5 minutes peace alone, sometimes its just impossible.

Take care

Irene x


Hi Irene,

My daughter is exactly the same.

I think hygiene and cleaniness has skipped her generation.

My daughter moved out as well and it was heaven for my hubby

and me. I didnt have as much to do as it would stay tidy and we

were able to go out and enjoy ourselves.... and the peace & quiet

was unbelieveable.

But!!! then she moved back home and was pregnant. My grandaughter

is nearly 2 and my daughter just leaves her with me, and doesnt tidy

anything up anyway unless I really lose my temper and start shouting.

I totally agree with you about the lack of respect that kids have nowadays.

I really cant wait till we find somewhere for her to live bcoz I told her months

ago she had to move out as I couldn't cope with her.

the council are moving my hubby and myself to a ground floor adapted

flat or bungalow, but they said my daughter has to be re-housed separately

as they can see the strain she puts us both under which I agree with them.

I hope that you all have manage to get 5 mins peace & quiet n that your

pain is not as bad. Angel x


we only have ourselves to blame stop doing things for them ive waited on mine hand and foot done everything bare wipe their backsides, now Ive made it clear it no go I just cant do things I used to, my youngest son has gone to work all week with no lunch, sorry he knows where the food is


lol lally, I've tried telling them but they never listen, I like my house to be tidy and clean but since she's come back I can't keep up with the housework and its not even my mess, I'm fed up of arguing over the same thing.

When she wasn't living here I had my own way of pacing myself and I managed to keep my house spotless but since she moved back in I can't do that pacing anymore and have been in bed much more from being so worn out cleaning up after her.

she sulks if I'm not well enough to cook a meal, she seems to think because she pays me board money for staying here that I should do all the cleaning and cooking, she used to say my house was like a show house lol not anymore since shes moved back.

I've tried not cleaning up after her but my house looks a mess and I feel embaressed if anyone comes to visit, she doesn't care and just leaves it for days and I dont know how to make her clean up after herself, obviously asking her to leave with a baby is not an option as she has nowhere else to go and I couldn't do that to her or the baby.

If anyone has any idea's, I'd love you forever but I know its asking for miracles lol

Irene x


Irene give you daughter the local paper with accomadation in it, when she sees what it would cost her to move out, then sit her down and tell her it as it is, your ill you need help, she s streeeing you out, my kids really didnt take in I was ill until I started having seizures, seeing mum reshed to hospital barely concious made them stand up and listen, try writing a list of chores for all of you to do, if you can do a few on a good day fine, if you cant they can take on your load to


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