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Insomnia inspired me to write my first poem

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Hi all,

Sorry I havent been around of late had a really rough and dark time. Signed off the sick for 4 weeks changes in medication, depression caused by meds which made me question continuing my life, a very dark time(first time I've ever thought like that) not to go on to much about the experience, a snippet is more than enough but good news , the depression is no more in regards to those thoughts so on the recovery to plodding along.

Anyways, this wonderful insomnia that we all love inspired me to write my very first poem, it's not much of a great poem, has no title but I think a lot of you out there will be able to relate we go (nervously going to press send lol) ..

I used to be such a free spirit , so active and fit, No worries , no stresses, not even a bit.

I'd sleep like a log , and wake up refreshed, Now I'm a walking zombie , and a couple of hours is usually my best.

My memory was fab , I'd have it all in a log, It's now becoming hard to have a conversation, from this so called "fog".

Out every night with my friend, loving life and having a laugh, Now I spend most of my time in a long hot bath.

That'll give me 20minutes to get into bed, Then I lean to my side and gobble every med.

I feel like I'm ancient and fading away, But for a cure for me and many I still always pray.

For all my fellow warriors , I feel your heartache and pain, I know if we keep our support together, we can beat this and remain sain.

I wish you all painless , sleep filled nights, Keep looking through that tunnel, I know well find the light.

Peace and love to you all. πŸ’•

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Kayleigh_91 , Sorry you can't sleep but I love your poem...πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Thanks for sharing . Peck.🐀

in reply to peck

Thanks peck! I'm glad people like it , wasn't sure lol.

Thanks for the kind words , it's tough but just trying to plough through



Hi my friend,

I htink your poem is absolutely wonderful! I am so gneuinely sorry that you are having sleep problems though. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Aww thanks very much Ken that means a lot to me!

Thanks you, it's been a tough and rocky path but just sort of pushed through it, things are looking up now at least.

I would say my sleeping is one of ther worst parts going 4/5 days with non can be very unsettling, especially when it causes hallucinations, just trying to work towards something to help.

Thank you again for your kind words Ken, they always mean a lot.

Sending peace and love your way



Please take care my friend x :)

Lovely poem and can definitely relate to it... Hope you get some sleep

Thank you very much :)

I thought you might be able to, unfortunately lol.

No sleep for me unfortunately, time to get up aching just lying there now and it's poring of rain so I think that's adding to it. Thank you for your kind words though.

Soft hugs =]


This is wonderful Kayleigh_91, well done on writing it and getting through such a dark time.

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Thank you very much terry! That means a lot πŸ˜„

Soft hugs



Excellent, very creative. Please keep it up :)

Thank you very much, I'll do just that πŸ˜„



Go for it XX

Hello my fellow Fibro Warrior πŸ™‚

I've missed you!

I'm so sorry you've been so down, but glad to hear you are on the road to recovery.

Your poem is wonderful.

Take care of yourself my friend

Hugs. Lu xx

Hi there :)

I've missed you guys too!

Thanks for your kind words, it was one of those it needed to be done on my own situations, far to negative to ply on here. I certainly am on that road , not on the pain side but certainly on the mental side :)

Thank you very much πŸ˜„

You too friend ,

Peace and love



Loving the poem... gona pm you

Cyber hugs


in reply to luppilu

Thank you :)


Hi kayleigh. My name is dee and I feel for you please please get your doctor to sort your medication out. I had a daughter aged 34 when she died last week she was so addicted to her meds the doctor never really seen her just kept giving her more and more for depression. She changed from being a outgoing girl to just living for meds. There needs more help for mental health. Take care please.

I'm so sorry to hear what you have gone through and for your loss, my condolences.

Me and my dr are pretty sure that the depression came from the meds themselves as once I stopped them it went away in the sense that things weren't so dark anymore and I'd never felt like that until that medication.

Thank you for your support.

Sending love and hugs your way


Thank you kayleigh. You take care of ypurself. Lots of love.

You too! πŸ˜„


I can sooohhh relate to your awesome poetry! Touched many a feeling with me.😊 I haven't been on here for a while, bit of a bad place at the moment 😑😒but, trying to get through as best I can! Poetry is another form of self healing, and I hope that you continue to grow in your new found "art".....Much love. ....Ninja. πŸ’ž πŸ’ž πŸ’ž

I'm glad you could relate (sort of lol) I'm so sorry to hear that! Me too tbh, slowly getting there I think but the past 4 weeks have been brutal torture.

That's all we can do is try and plod along. Just remember you're a warrior and one of my favourite quotes to refer to "you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it" just you remember that! it will start to get easier within time πŸ’“

Never thought of it that way, although writing it did make me feel a little better πŸ˜„

Sending soft , healing hugs your way



I feel you, and applaud you for sharing. Hang in there. I have been ill for the past 30+ years and had been wishing I weren't here, for more times than I can count. I was told I had fibromyalgia, but just yesterday, with an amazing Naturopath/Healer, I now know what's going on, and can fix it. But I relate to the pain and suffering, the insomnia, the loss of all you hold dear, and I'm here to say, Never Give Up. You will find your way eventually. Blessings, Kelli

Thanks Kelli! And well done you for pushing through πŸ˜„

I'm so happy to hear that for you and I'm glad your on your way to a hopefully pain free road, you've waited long enough! I'm only on 7 years (and counting) so can't imagine how you've been through so many.

Peace and love



Thanks so much. Blessings to you.

That poem was beautiful well done.!!xx

Thank you πŸ˜„


thanks for sharing much I can relate to xxx

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