My Knees are killing me !!!!!!!!!!!

Evening peeps, the pain in my knees is so painful tonight. And the stiffness. Just thought id come on here to see how everyone is doing. Got blood test tomor to check my T cells. Got to be up the Hosp 8:45. The blood test is because im on inj for Psiorisis & methtrexate as well. I have a job getting up in the morn. Most of the time i feel drained. Morn seem to be the worse. Im off to bed in a bit. So night all, sweet dreams. much love Helen xxxx

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  • Hi Helen,

    Sorry about your knees love :(:( I get really bad pains there but more it's very sore, to point if I touch them they hurt incredibly. Sometimes they lock when Im walking as well. I started physiotherapy and the therapist said that my limbs are weak. I think light exercises Ive been doing for my feet have been helping a bit so I hope that when I start on the knees it will help. Maybe you could ask for a referral for physio?

    Good luck with ur blood test hun. Sweet dreams:)

  • Hi Faery,

    Thanks hunni be glad when there done tomor. Glad the physio is helping :) I will see if i can get a referral for physio. Anything to help. God this fibro is so painful (: I was off to bed, then the phone rung, so i thought id just check my blog. Thanks for advice hun. Night love, sweet dreams to you too. much love, Helen xxx

  • Hi Helen

    I am waiting for a physio appt for my back still, waiting list so long, but i also suffer very painful knees now most of the day. So maybe I can ask the physio about them at the same time.

    But I have psoriases as well and have had since i was 5 what injection are you on can i ask. I have used all the creams etc over the years so nothing really works anymore.



  • Hi Kialaya, my inj are called Humira ( Adalimumab) 40 mg one every other week. I have to inj myself. I have to take Methotrexate once a week too for the Psoriases. My skin is clear. Have you had other treatments like puva?? My Dr wont refur me to the pain clinic. But im going to push for it. Hope you get your appointment soon. Hug & love to you. Helen xx

  • wow thats early appt lol oh well we all seem to be in pain at mo but there we go thats how it is i hope that you get on ok tomorrow love to you diddle x

  • yest went ok thanks didle :) How are you?? My hands hurt today. Got my appeal date through for D.L.A but im sure i wont get it. love & hug hunni. xx

  • Wow early a clock, hope all goes well. i also find first thing in the morn difficult and last thing at night. just struggle along in the middle lol.

    take care lou x

  • Hosp went ok thanks Lou. How are you today? love Helen xx

  • my rheumy just referred me to a orthopedic surgeon for pains in knees, as like you very painful, she thinks ligaments are at fault, whatever that means, so see if this comes back as part of fibro nothing can be done excuse, x

  • Hi Jue, Hope your seen soon. Thats the prob they fob us off with part of fibro. If its ligaments im not sure what they do. How are you today? hug & love to you xxx

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