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Different hats

Different hats

I have several 'hats'. One is

wife and helpmeet to a busy counseller hub who flits in and out between appts, always in a hurry so needing a quick sarnie and a cuppa.Proud of him as he started studying to be a counseller at 44 and has since gone on to get diploma, a degree, several other quals.

A mum to daughter who works hard in pizza hut and needs her uniform washed and ironed. every day. She never asks me to do it but I figure that as she works and I dont.......

Mum to three other moved out grown up children,one at uni doing law, one in OZ and one an ex heroin addict , shoulder to cry on, recipe provider, emergency cash lender.

Grandma to lovely Stanley , see pic in other blog, who was born just over four pounds, had to have two ops in his first fortnight and was in hosp for his first three months while they sorted out the meds for his cystic fibrosis. Stan and me go to the cinema a lot and play lego and listen to classicla music and do imagination stuff!!!!

Hooverer to an elderly lady

Friend to an elderly gent

Mentor and shoulder to many of my kids friends

Member of am dram theatre and producer to plays my hub directs, at the mo spending time trying to find a fourth cast member for The Killing Of Sister George to go on in sept.

Daughter to my lovely Mum who is getting married for a second time next year on her eightieth birthday.

Big sis to sis who is fifteen yrs younger than me and has been having mental health problems.

Sis to a brother and a sister who are absent from my life as they choose not to speak to me and I dont know why.

Friend to my own lovely mates who are there for me when I need them.

Blogger on here with a load of crazy fibro friends who I am getting to know and love.

Loner, who likes to be in the house alone and stay up late blogging and listening to radio 4 extra

Poet who has had some very small success in getting a few bits published and earning a few little quids for reading her poetry to old ladies groups

FIBRO SUFFERER who finds it difficult to wear more than one of the other hats at a time without needing to resort to the sofa, a quilt and the tv in order to recuperate from above activities..


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I have put a fibro flare pic up. Sorry it is sideways!!!!! Though I like my other pic this one is more appropriate for most days.


You'll like this site Spidey - it raises hat wearing to an art-form! :)


Perhaps we Fibromites should start a Purple Hat Society?

Cheers. Midori


You look exactly how I feel, I over did I yesterday so had a lay in big mistake as couldn't move when I decided is was time to get up and it felt like I was having pins stuck in every part of my body, but life goes on, I do like the hat idea I've lost track of the hats I wear, sithy


I love this idea will try and work out my hats ?. Today I have been nanny and carer to my Special needs grandson .. A friend to my friend and an interpreter for her and my grandson as he can hear but has no speech his laugage is sign. My OH partner . Cook to all 3 ( beans on toast lol ) listener for my daughters day .

Fibro sufferer having an OK day although I have been awake since 5.30 good positive thoughts ... Good day all round


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