Caring Confusion!!!!

Good evening everyone hope todays been better or at least not as bad, I'll try and make you smile. xx

I phoned my mum today to check on her, she asked the following;

Are you at work?

Yes but going home soon I've got another flare up.

Is it long enough now?


Your hair, to go up.

No mum another flare up, pain all over and no energy.

Have you got a cold?

No mum i'ts with my fibro.

Oh dear when did you catch that?......Whats fobo?

No mum fibro...fibro mialgia, I've had it eleven years.

My lumps getting bigger (she has a lump on her shoulder). It's probably your age.

What is mum?

Being cold when your hairs up.


I'm sorry is it me lol.

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  • Haha justjane,

    You made me laugh not smile, That really is like talking to a brick wall lol.

    My mother in law is the same, she drives me up the wall lol, i love her to bits though. :)

    kel xxx

  • lol bless her :) how funny xx

  • Oh Jane, this sounds so funny although I suppose its not when you are living through it. Reminds me of my friends Mum, her name is Betty but her nephew when he was young couldn't say aunty so he called ber Batty Betty!! xx

  • Augh sweet lol, my little grandaughter calls me nano nano.

  • Thanks for the laugh x

  • Aww bless her, but it must be very frustrateing at times for you, but it does sound funny too :-) love and gentle hugs to you all xxx

  • Oh bless her Jane, that did make me smile. :)

    It just remind me of a conversations i had with my Nan on Tuesday. I phone her every other day (she lives 100 miles away). I said to her "hows the tai chi Nan ?, I am thinking of starting that or yoga think it would be good for me, help me relax." She said "oh no dear i had to stop that dear" my reply "oh why Nan?"

    "its not for me dear, too slow dear" She responded. I couldn't stop laughing. (my Nan is 88yrs old and real lilac and lace nanny, bless her. I cheekily replied " You want try kick boxing" she replied "oh do you thing so dear" I couldn't get my reply out i was laughing so much. So if you see any kick boxing granny's its my Nan LOL

    When i was able to compose myself, I explained what kick boxing was and we had right giggle.

    Thanks for your tale made be smile, think laughter can be the best medicine.

    Have a nice lovely weekend and as pain free as possible.

    Lou x


  • oh my lord how funny is that if that was a sketch on tv i would be rolling around lol it reminds me of the two ronnies sketch years ago fork handles (four candles) lol it is so funny that has made me laugh so much love diddle x

  • Aww bless her, but so funny. Yes diddle i loved that sketch fork handles to always been my favourite, its sad when you think of it but thanks for making me laugh xxxxxx

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