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Out of the blue

I was rung and offered a appointment at physio in the next town. So I am going this morning really dont feel like it had a night when nothing relaxed at all infact tim e stood still almost like Toms midnight garden - strange happenings when I did drop in and out of sleep. So I am shattered and a bit grumpy!

This putter keeps going backwards and putting on letters where I dont want them ugh

xgins (doesy one know the cure for a wayward computure

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Hi Gins

Ohh new appt hope that goes well... Hmm toms midnight garden and you are shattered ... My advice for that ... Don't turn up for appt in your pyjamas and only one slipper and do not call the physio hatty unless her name just happens to be Harriet, though if the physio is a man it's doubtful that it will be...

Wayward computer.. Yes you look at it sternly , threaten it with an updated model and If that doesn't help Threaten it with your OH, i used to fibe mine to my OH as he fixes 6 impossible pcs before breakfast.. Now I have an iPad I constantly moan about its predictive text.... It's bad enough having fibro fog without a gadget trying to think for you.... Now I am rambling.... Verbally. Not physically... Though I would love to be able to physically ramble

Yours whittering on aimlessly

VG xxxx


O h to go a rambaling where shall we go - where the grass is green the skies are blue the sea rolls in making little white horses. s We go amongst the rock pools seeking out crabs sea anenomes pretty things hiding gently in the surf. Hm sounds lovely bring a picnic I will meet you with champagne and glasses oh hum didle oh how wonderous it couldins be who else shall we bring xgins


Hi Gins - press the 'off' button on your lap-top mouse pad - that will stop it jumping about, but you'll have to switch it on again to edit stuff! :)

Hope this helps - Moffy x


Afternoon gins, hope your appt has gone well. We must have both been doing the night watch so I understand how gross you must be feeling.

As for the computer, well, I am just about to take a hammer to mine.......well my old one, now I have the luxury of an iPad the old one is redundant. I took out all the plugs and wire yesterday, then during he night remembered that there was something on there which I really wanted to keep. So I set too and put all the plugs back and set it going.......Im not exaggerating when I say it took half an hour to get to where I wanted.....1 thing....took that long. Right, so that's what I'm doing with mine,

Please may I join your nitanpic? It sounds delightful and may I bring my doglets to paddle in the surf too? Muchly Foggy x


Will welcome you and doggies muchly my son has a mini surfboard perhaps we could teach them to surf......

VG x:)


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