if you are awarded Blue Badge does this help with DLA ?/

well because i was awarded straight away and got until 2015 i wander if this will help as all i did was give my conditions and told them exactly as it was and was awarded.

it has been a great help (that is when all spaces not taken lol)

i STILL not filled it in and sent off and been on going since last year to do it and i just putting off and off and off why i dont know think i think i will recover some how.

But most of all because my hubby and daughters do so much for me at home now ..seems like i feel just an existence and potter around lol

xxxxxxxxxxThanks everyone x caroline

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  • Honest answer I don't know as I get DLA but don't have a blue badge as no one in my house drives and my best friend and her OH don't drive either and he gets dla....so if we get dla without a blue badge then you having one can only be a positive

    VG x

  • Hi, Sorry to be the bearer of unhappy news, but in my case no. I was awarded a blue badge by my local council, but with the DLA I'm waiting to hear when my tribunal will be heard :(

  • me too. I thought it would help but no

  • Hmm ohh guess only applying will tell me :-/

    Just i was curious i suppose as getting others responses might help.

    I will just drive to DLA and ask hehe xx

  • Unfortunately on my appeal papers for Dla did say just because I had a blue badge didn't indicate that I should receive dla. Sorry

  • hi sorry to say that just because you have a blue badge this does not help for DLA or it didnt do a few years ago. You could always ring the council to double check.

    gentle hugs

    vicki xx

  • Hi stratz

    This sounds like a good idea :-) for me to phone the council BB people and ask.

    They took into a/c my conditions and it was them who suggested me with adaptions

    When i will need them not 'if' which i questioned, guess this why i asked as i have adaptions as the suggested .

    Its been a great help all the feedback so i better start filling forms in as it seems a little hard work and a fight to be awarded. :-(

    We all learn something new all the time and i am grateful.

    Many Thsnks

    Hugs caroline xxxxx try to keep relaxed and not over do it as i do


  • No sadly it dose not mean a thing to the DLA,I was very surprised to read this on my medical assessment and other paperwork which I got back about a month ago,I thought it may have helped,basically they just don't not care.


  • A blue badge is awarded by your local council... DLA is not, so the fact you have a disabled parking badge isn't in any way proof of needing DLA. I don't agree with the poster who said 'they just don't care' because many other factors are taken into consideration when granting DLA. :-(

  • I don't think it does, but it does in the opposite direction. New forms for blue badges,take you to the last question. Take you dla award notice in & get your blue badge

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