blue badges and fibromyalgia

im finding that i cant get to and from the carpark at home without tiring myself out... i want to apply for a blue badge but am hesistant as Fibromyalgia isnt really seen as an illness like having cancer or a heart condition ( what i mean is that people dont believe in fibromyalgia as being debilitating as it can be)... am i wasting my time? did others struggle to get a blue badge/

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  • Hi Cherrypie, are you working or are you on benefits, i have a blue badge but i am on the highest rate of mobility DLA claim, i didnt have any problem getting my badge, it was just a trip to the library where i sat infront of a machine spoke to the person on the other end of the phone and they took my photo and scaned my proof of DLA.

    Hope this helps

    CHORLEY :)

  • hi, thanks for this. i work full time and dont claim any benefits at all... to be honest i have never thought that i would be entitled to them and DLA forms scare me anyhow!!!

    if you dont have DLA does it affect a blue badge application?

  • Cherrypie, i have no idea if noy getting DLA will effect you or not, have a look at the government website the website.

    CHORLEY :)

  • You can still claim for DLA while your working, just remember when you fill & send the forms in, you will recieve a letter saying you are not entitled to it, they do this to everyone, you need to appeal, and hopefully you will get it, this is what I had to do, once I got awarded the High Rate for Mobility you can then get the blue badge, you might also get the care bit of DLA to....which I also get to .......I hope this helps, I also had help from Citizens Advice and they were really great on filling the forms they know what to put, so might be worth seeing them to help you with forms ect xx

  • You can apply for the blue badge without getting DLA. If you go on directgov it tells you how. Fill in the eligibility questions as you are on your worst day and it should say you are eligible, I was. Then fill in the application form the same way. Cant promise you will get one,( its automatic on high rate DLA), but you are still entitled to apply. Good luck.

  • If filling in forms for DLA or DWA frightens you, then you can always take the form to your nearest CAB and they will happily talk you through it, they know the statistics that are used by the DWP to enable you to qualify.

    For the Blue Badge, if you are not in receipt of DLA or DWA your Doctor can write a letter for you explaining the problems you have.

    Good Luck

  • i applied for a blue badge because of fibro. i had no problem at all so then applied for my concessionary bus pass too. i have both and am only on lower rate care dla. go for it apply for whatever will make life easier for you.

  • I have a blue badge for my fibromyalgia and i didnt actually have DLA when i first applied for mine i got my doctor to fill in a form.. although now i have high rate care and mobility.. The bus passes are great too as you can have one where your carer gets on free with you. DLA like all benefits is getting harder but i found you with alot of my friends with fibro that they get turned down first time but then get it the second time..

  • I have a blue badge, turned down first time but then found out I needed to claim DLA first and then blue badge automatic. So applied for DLA and a temporary Blue Badge, lots of form filling but got both. I am now on higher rate mobility and lower rate care. Blue badge means I can now go out by myself before I needed a driver or really someone to park for me.

  • I applied for DLA and was seen my a GP yesterday from DWP who will decide if I am entitled to anything at all so fingers crossed. I would like to be able to apply for a blue badge too so I hope that he awards me some thing. They dont realise that we could probably pop into the shop for a loaf of bread if we didn't have to worry about dragging ourselves across a car park. Good luck everyone

  • I have had a blue badge for the last 6 years I have only just been awarded the higher rate of mobility and lower rate care. I got support from my gp to get my blue badge initially.


  • Hi I was reluctant just like you, but luckily my friend persuaded me to ring the local council blue badge scheme and I asked for a form to apply. I received the form and also forwarded another form (in the pack) to my GP to fill in, paid £2.00 (its gone up since) and received my first badge.

    On renewal I rang the council office a month before expiry and repeated the process (I did put renewal on the top of the GP form), and again within 2 weeks the new badge arrived. Well worth having. I never use the disabled bays right next to the shop as I feel there are worse people than me, but believe you me it has been its weight of gold on my bad days. Give it a go you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

  • Hi, I don't get DLA/PIP but did get a blue badge from my council. Like others on the form I indicated that it was difficult to get in and out of the car and that I have difficulty walking. I applied the theory of a bad day scenario as thats when I need it. I was recommended to apply by the DWP Disability Employment Advisor and put this down. I figured nothing ventured..... To my amazement my blue badge arrived. I paid £10 and its valid for 3 years then I have to re-apply to the council for another. My council accepts Fibromyalgia as a disability. This blue badge has been an absolute god-send and I get really fired up about non-holders using bays (but that's another story)! You can only try, most councils allow you to download the forms, they are long but not all applies, its worth a go.

  • you can still apply for pip if your working. its to help you get around

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