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at last good news

being unwell again ,with fibro and stiffnes playing up ,worrired about how far my monie will go , and filled that awfull form in ,

got a phone call yesterday from social i got high score about the medical questions asked on the form and took 4 weeks to compleat ,i won and dont need to panic know , just sending my p45 for my records ,

know to see if i can get higher care componant of dla . , as my health has got worse as u all no .

got sleep clinic friday and something to take home and return it back saterday , has anyone done this before , ,, as up again at 4.35 again all stiff and cant sleep.

.BEEN looking on free cycle for a fridge and cooker but no luck . /

so keep my fingers crossed from soical services can help me . so they better get intouch with me this week as struggling more now with every day things ,even lost my grip again with the kettle again .

good morning all to fibro freinds .

tink x

ps saw somthing on facebook about help with the bedroom tax has can get help paying for the spare room ,can anybody put a light to this for me ,

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Morning Tink

Glad you are ok with social services and got a higher score. cannot help with bedroom tax sorry just wanted to wish you well in your efforts to find a fridge. I do know in cumbria they run a charity which holds fridges thatb are useable do they do the same with you. Good luck girl try and keep your spirits up :) xgins


Hi morning Tink,

Great news on the important side of paperwrk getting what you entitled to.

As for help with things i am on Fb and go on ABCD selling site but advertise if anyone giving away .

I just had a friend sell fride and washer, cutlery and plates £50 the lot and i was interested for my son who 17 left home but no place yet. Only without anywhere to move into i cannot store anything so its difficult . What a bargain though.

If you can add me i think i can link you. Inbox your area and am sure can try find something.

Theres Gumtree? And net mum sites which i am with . If you advertise you would any freebies and there is free ads too only not sure if certain areas.

Cannot think off top head other sites. I do know lots and have lots connections xx

Bedroom thing , you do know it is not called bedroom Tax ? I watched it on This Morning yesterday with phil & holly.

It is a reduction in Housing Benefit dependant on property type with how many bedrooms.

There is a size to help if you have a bedroom 9ft x7ft or less it is not classed as a bedroom but yet if on your contract when getting council or federation house it is what it says on contract no matter the size (unfair) .. Why because my house 'was' a council property classed as 3 bedrooms yet the 3 rd is 9ft x 7ft .

Too late on me now as mortgaged and what a worthless piece of bricks n mortar it is .

Hope this helps

You can phone up and find out from your council xx

Caroline xxxx



sounds very positive, I hope you get the higher level.

I drop things far too often and after a few nasty moments with my kettle, I use a kettle tipper which I thoroughly recommend.



Hi tinkerbell, just a thought, have you got a little saucepan with a rubber handle, how about just boiling enough for one cup, it might be easier to handle. Or if not and you can manage a kettle in your stronger moments why not make a flask of tea or coffee tolast you the day? that way when you are not up to it you will still have a hot drink to hand.


That's great tip, spidey - I'm going to do that! Saves on the 'leccy, too. :)


Hi Tinkerbelle66 I have to go to the sleep clinic today! I have to collect equipment to do a sleep study at home tonight and return the equipment in the morning.I'm getting worried now as I always pull different things off in the night plus I dont sleep right through,usually up at least 3 times so it will be a strange study lol!


hi fairycazzie and all .first thankyou for your replys ,how do i add you cazzie as no idia .

great tip for a flask , iv looked on gumtree but no avail but to top it off council hasnt sorteded my new rent out so in arrears ,now got to pay that back ,allso landlord getting funny regarding leaving my last address ,so may not get bond monie back .

so today things got on top of me today as brain gone dead cant think straight , every thing hurting again ,

with sleep clinic i to dont sleep right through im up at least 3 times in night hurting and cant sleep properly , so i wander what you wear at night ,please inform me to let me know how u get on amanda , ,

try to have a decent sleep lol .

anyway all have a good evening ,

tink xx


I know what form you are talking about for help with the bedroom tax, as my sister got it from the local council office,. cant remember what it is you ask for , but I'll check and get back to you


Hi, Ive just checked and if you go to your local council office and ask for A Discretionary Housing Payment form. It is to help people that have very low incomes. I think if you are awarded it. it is for 6 months.then you may have to claim again. Hope this helps


hi thank you will look into it tommrow ,i fell in the doorway today as my ankle gave way hurt my side ,allso my wrist ,im going to hide in my bedroom till my ankle heals but wish full thinking , good news today i got a letter for my MRI scan ,in may , , so will see what happens know , I ended up in bed with pain killers and ankle like a balloon . .


Hi Tinks, so sorry you are having such a rough time to put it mildly. Jus to let u know that I previously put in for discretionary housing benefit form. If you could do it ASAP or maybe someone could phone on your behalf. You sound like you could do with HUGE HUG flying thru the waves at you. Love Laurie x


hi laurie.

went to council yesterday regarding the disrectionary form .but good news i dont pay it due indepentdent living accomation , ,went to sleep clinic today so wearing a band on wrist ,so told her i dont get much sleep so iv got to stop it when i wake up then back on , .

good news allso a social worker wrang today and someone going to come and see me soon ,.allso my ankle spealist going to tranfer me to a pain spealist at hospital .

so i dont no if im coming or going at the moment and still dont feel well still .

thankyou for your support x



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