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Promises of help at last

Since leaving my unsupportive husband,I have had lots of mixed messages from officialdom! I was awarded ESA with no difficulty, but had my direct payments (& PA) withdrawn, because I don't fit the criteria in this area!

My new GP has been rubbish. Then a glimmer of hope - a really helpful consultant at the Fibro clinic.

This week I start hydrotherapy & next week I see an OT about coping.

Out of the blue a social worker from adult services appears on the scene & overrides the decision about having help, so I AM going to get direct payments again. And a visit to see if I can get any adaptations or gizmos.



The dreaded letter from DLA.

I need to re-apply. At the moment I get high rate in both care & mobility, but although my health is actually worse now, I no longer have a carer (my husband) & certainly don't have a GP to uphold my claim. Also the new application forms are so unfairly worded. No longer asking how you are at your worst, they want to know exactly how you manage everything.Also asking for letters from consultants etc, I've got loads of those, but all saying that nothing specific can be found during tests, as is usual with Fibro.

I'm going to hang on until I see the OT at the hospital before I fill in the forms, but with all the cut backs, i'm not feeling very optimistic.

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You are a survivor Cobweb, you'll get through this period of upheaval.

Have social services discussed you having a carer come in to help? If not ask them about getting a careplan and a carer sorted out. With you currently being on higher rate care and having no carer in place you should be okay.

I would query the logic of you having to reapply for DLA, it might be worth phoning DWP and asking them if this is actually necessary considering your conditions and your personal care arrangements are in a worse situation than when you last applied and you are on higher rate for both. If the status-quo had remained when would you have next needed to be assessed?

Just a few thoughts

Julie xx


I echo all that Julie says, absolutely!

If you do have to complete the benefit forms again, you can email us at and we can send you information sheets from Benefits and Work to help you complete them.

Wishing you all the best, take care of yourself, things will get better. We are all here for you and we understand how awful it can be. Here's a hug for you. ((( hug )))


Hi Cobweb, good luck with everything. what is it with spouses? why is it when they are ill you help them but as soon as you need a little help they refuse, that is why my ex-wife is a ex

Take Care

Druss x


hi yes see how it goes but i dont see what having a carer has to do with you needing dla.i have a friend who doest have a hubby and she gets dla.

what a load of rubbish these people put.

its the cutbacks.but good luck and finally youre getting somewhere.x


Good luck Cobweb

Unfortunately in these times with this Health Care System, Government & spousez everything is one big long fight for your rights.

I wish you all the best of luck. I am awaiting an ESA appeal date & dreading it so much but I've put it in another file in my mind to worry about when the time comes.

Take care & try not to stress too much as you will make yourself worse. Go see & make an appointment with CAB for help in fiing your forms in. All the questions are the same but worxed differently to trip us up.

Best of luck & lets us know how you get on.

Luv & Hugs



Hi Cobweb, you did the right thing leaving your husband for being unsupportive. I would bet when he was poorly he let you know about it.!

I am lucky that my wife is very supportive. She doesn't molly coddle me but seems to know instinctively when I need her support.

WE are all on your side on this site and now you have started, things will get sorted eventually, just hang in there.



Good Luck with your benefits hope it all gets sorted. Sithy


I know how you feel about the benefits etc. I took a look at the descriptors for that and the descriptors for this new PIP that is coming in. It is going to be so much harder, and I lost my ESA tribunal so I know just how hard it can be. I hope you get the help that you truly deserve xxxxx


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