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At last!! A little bit of help....:-D

Hi fibro-friends! I had an appointment with my Dr recently as I have been feeling really down with a flare that has lasted 5 weeks!! I was pretty much suicidal!! She asked me a lot if questions and was shocked to learn that I wasn't getting any help! and that the hospital that had diagnosed me had not followed up with any action plan! Anywho!! I've just picked up my bloods form and have to have 14!!!!specialised bloods taken for my referral to CFS services and also a referral to occupational therapy services for a home visit! Sooohh.... The moral of the story is...... KEEP ON PUSHING!!! Much love to you all!!!

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Hi ninja :)

That is fantastic news and I'm so pleased for you :D

Thanks for sharing your good news and positive vibes :)

You are soooooooooo right!

Keep pushing!

Fluffies and smiles for you

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Afternoon Ninja,

Excellent news your effort was rewarded

I hope you are enjoying the weather



That's good news. Sounds like you GP is very pro active.




Jilly, my Dr is absolutely fabulous!!! Im very lucky, I know, after reading other posts on here..xx


Yes Sian, Im deffo feeling more positive now!! and gins Im over at my sons today with my gorgeous, funny 4 year old absolute breath of fresh air with a big dose of tonic thrown in for good measure!!:)


{{{{{{ ninja }}}}}}}


It's amazing how tenacious you have to be. Well done.

Thank goodness for the grandchildren and understanding G.P.s that actually listen.

Hope things go well for you and the body beautiful.



:P :P :P sue xxxx


Hi ninjananna

That is really good news, and I am genuinely delighted for you, it is terrible that it has taken so long and you have had to fight all the way. However, hopefully something really good will come from this. That is a lot of blood to give up in one go however? I would ask for a receipt!

Take care and good luck

Ken x

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As Tony Hancock said, that's nearly an armful. 14 actually isn't all that much and there's only one hole, they change the vacuum unit between samples but leave the needle unit in, so only 1 puncture. That's probably 14 tests and not necessarily 14 samples. Drink a glass of water before you go, it really helps. Is it a fasting test?


@fenbadger! I went this morning and you're right! 1 puncture wound and 6 vials filled!! Ninja and wound both doing well!!.. :-D


Goodo :D


Hahahaha Ken! You're right re: the blood test! I will be drinking lots of water and will take a banana and cereal bar for afterwards!!.... X


So glad you'll be getting some help sweetheart. There's no reason anyone should have to suffer anymore than they already are!!!! Best of luck to you. xxx Mitzi


so pleased to hear you are going to get help at last gp seems to sort a few things out for you must be testing for quite a few things with all that blood or they are going to make black puddingxxlilian


Hahahaha, Lillian that's so funny! ....xx


Thank you. I reached a wall with my pain management specialist after 2 visits. One of the posts here recommended finding doctors who are known to really work with fibro patients. It may take me awhile to find one who takes my insurance and has real empathy and skill. I commend you for "pushing it" and finding a sympathetic and competent doctor! I hope it all works to your benefit.


Ahh! Thanks so much guys...:-D I do feel much more positive about what's going on now and I'm pleased to see that I may have helped others who are not getting the help they need "PUSH" for answers and help that's due!!.. xx


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