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so it was my 44th bday on Saturday and went out

so it was my 44th bday on Saturday and went out

hi all

sorry last week was a little rough and had massive busy week and wanted to be rite for my bday and i had friends from london to leeds to visit me which was so so nice, i had other friends and family out too.

it was exhausting if i say so and one of my friends is a trained had commendations for her nurse physciatric mental health award things which was great, presented to her at Tottehham football stadium presented by the local police as she works along side them with patients. (i think it is lol my memory)

my fav bit was my hubby got me prezzies, it said on the card attached to bag to caz etc etc you always wanted to smell nice, so i looks inside and i pulls out a can of glade air freshner and a bar of soap!! omg i could not stop laughing!!! tears made my morning, then he gave me beautiful roses and perfume too :-)

was a bit of a rusty day as not all went smoothly due to family issues and caused a bit of mayhem and i was in tears, but got out and went ok i had a couple of drinks as much as i was offered so many but refused!! when your on Lyrica at 500mg and pain killers to which neither your supposed to drink so i took it steady.

it ended up a bit costly for me but i guess was worth it and then we went out for a meal on sunday before taking one of the friends from london back to train station and other to see a friend half hour up road as she goes home Tuesday.

I had no food in to offer as was so busy prior to them coming and felt guilty as so tired and was having such bad heads and nausea and got steroids and sickness pills but i was so thank ful i woke up on my day quite decent :-)

the table was that big and round that i booked it ws hard for us all to communicate without shouting so loudly lol

got home and could barely move yet hardly done a thing apart from running around in the car and then getting ready and out .

Anyway just thought i would share and now my right leg has been suffering such pain from my hip and shooting so severely on movement or just standing ..i say its like licking a battery for the suffering and my hands are quite bad been throbbing away but apart from that fatigue and just trying to get back to normal !!

hope you all had a great wkend though xxx caroline

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wow! what a busy weekend - wore out just reading it :D

Happy belated Birthday Caroline! :)

I chuckled at hubby's soap & glade prezzie, I'll have to pinch that idea!




Your husband has a lovely sense of humour! I'm glad you had a nice time - it was worth the aches and pains, I'm sure - sometimes you just gotta go for it! :)

Moffy x


Belated happy birthday

VG x


Hi your oh half sounds like mine. years ago we had a dog and at the christmas all pressies under the tree and some sweets and chocky. went to work and the dog had ripped open a box of chocs and eaten them. on christmas morning my oh gave me a parcel when i opened it it was a pack of dog chocs with the message oh had written saying seems so the dog ate yours you can eat hers..!!!!


That was nice and too laughed about the soap and glade air fresher!!

Your husband sounds a darling, which so comforting when dealing with

This underestimated illness.

Keep your chin up darling, and don't forget keep trying and never give up.

Hugs Bibileatherdale


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