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I am not usually puzzled by my condition Ihave taken it broadside on and accepted it

I get on with it and make the most of life. As you do when presented with a challenge that will affect you for ever.

Yesterday a doctor popped in to see my legs (not my own doctor but one of the practise doctors)

I was asked about the condition and eventually it was agreed I could have the wraps I have been waiting for and that have been on order since week before last.. I was told I would have to make changes to my life. That was it ! I feel slightly upset I have made changes I have had my legs bandaged for last 4 months I have read up on Lymphodeama I have become accustomed to wearing trousers. I dont make a fuss I get on with it. So being told to make changes to my life style was upsetting and actually stressful a bit of empathy would have been a better approach. sorry for the rant xgins

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Hi there im sure you have the one thing I didn't hear was what changes have you been making in your life so don't worry I expect he was stressed as how can he assess things correctly.


That's the trouble with many other drs... You get used to your own they get used to you they know what to say.... I went in desperation with my ribs to another GP two weeks ago about my ribs they were so sore and as you know I can't take pain killers.. So I wasn't actually expecting much ... What I didn't expect was for this other GP to google chostochondritis and then give me a prescription for the gel form of a NSAID which it says on my notes I can't have ... Turns out when I got home my OH had had an appointment with same GP and that had googled him.... We now call that GP Dr google and unless we are at deaths door we stick with our own GP.. Or go to one of the other 4 GPS at the practice.. Ps.... I did try the gel and was sick all night .... So went back to my own GP who confirmed I am officially allergic to every pain killer... Can I have a medal I asked him for being the most awkward patient I asked.... He grinned back and said ... You should have had one years ago... So Gins we will laugh together .. Cos if we don't we may cry

VG x


I know where you are coming from VG..................:D To royal spec the changes have been many from always keeping legs raised to not swimming to walking a little further every day etc of course had the doc read my notes awareness of Nash Stennossis of lower spine osteoporrossis of femur heads and thorasic back 2slipped disxs which are not returning home. Arthritis is my neck from sever accident -enough -sorry I reread you note I am not me today :) xgins


So so sorry you are not feeling well today gins, my thoughts are with you, you are entitled to rant, and we are there for you as u are so often for us, as grumpy says u have to try nd laugh it off otherwise we will cry and I ont we would stop, so very gentle hugs for you Dee xxx


Hi Gins not been on here a while ,but my Dr arranged for me to have bandaging done . Which I believe I spoke to you about....well the Lymphodeama nurse put me in the bandages, 1st day or so great went back and had lost 8cm in all off my right leg,rebandaged tighter and next day I was in agony and nothing helped, so we cut the leg ones off,and I sat in my raiser chair to sleep on and off. Next night my leg and foot were in agony so we took them off and I had like burn marks all over my foot back of leg too! Had to see the nurse the next day she said I was allergic to some thing !

She then ordered me a Farrow Wrap and taught my OH how to apply it....I have now got a lovely slim leg and doing the other one soon. I also lost over a stone in weight with the fluid moving at last. They are amazing is this what you are waiting for? My Dr sent me to the hospital for the measurements even tho I had had a dopler test by the nurses ,the stockings were not strong enough........ :-)

Hope you soon get sorted and check about the farrow wraps think that is spelt right x

Gentle hugs ((((((((((((((((((((((( :-) )))))))))))))))))))))))))) and Rainbow blessings x x x x


Hi reminiscences. I am so pleased you are having such success with the farrow wraps wraps has cheered me up so much. Go . Girl :d xxx gins


if you two have the slim legs, we can hire you out as leg models and you can keep us in the style we're accustomed to :D


Hi Gins Am only just catching up with the blogs, as my computer went on holiday, however,lovely to `speak` with you again, but so sorry you have not been too well and very frustrated with the doc you saw. Sometimes you could set nto them .couldn`t you? they

just don`t think about what they are saying, but of course, then again, they probably don`t have to put up with what we do. Anyway my thoughts are with you, and I really hope you feel better soon. Lots of hugs

Lyndia x


Hi Lyndia

Long time no chat how are you coping at the moment.? You are right I seem to be a bit of a moaning minnie at the moment not good and highly annoying to every one around. Today it is very hot here in the north my legs now bandaged permently from toe to knee are really feeling the heat.

Hugs to you to hope you are smiling :) xgins


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