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yet again can barely walk! lower base spine, hips tops legs and so on

hi everyone,

i am walking like i have pooped my self !! sh*t myself what ever myself its not on ..i really do not know why.

i have to small lumps in lower back left and right has anyone else they are squdgy.

i think they meant to be there lol

tops of my legs thighs feel very uncomfortable, around my hips my lower base of spine, my bladder feels full a lot , my shoulders my arms

i have other things that hurt anyway but this is this particular thing that is bothering me!!

trying to walk is uncomfortable and i cannot go any higher on what i have already.

does anyone else feel like this and have any idea what it is as this is the 2nd time i have been this bad!!

i have looked up and on reading (iknow i shouldnt) it keeps coming up spinal stenosis and i have said this before a long long time ago to Dr so whether got to see how i go to prove it i dont know. since seeing Neurologist they said not doing no more tests or operations as cannot do on me this has left me so confused and quesionable to things as i need to keep my business going am pushing myself beyond whta my body will let me and smiling and gritting and gettin grumpy i snapping so i get told off my daughter who helps in the business. her way of paying board as no job but college. i just want to cry and am not by any means a unhappy person i am soooo bubbly. ohhhh didums lol

also seen herniated discs.

i have this problem already in my neck with cord compression so hoping its not now my lower half going on me too.

it is my hubbys bday today and so last night we went out as my besty friend shares the same birthday as hubby there were 9 of us and i felt so embarrased as everyone was so nice to me i could hardly walk. i had 3 small glasses of wine and left one it went to my head quickly .

had pics taken before we had a drink though i look fat and felt uncomfortable i have to admit as much as all the compliments i know am changing i can see it ! but was a fab funny hilarious nite as my hubby and friends hubby are a comedian duo together. ahhhhh sorry yet another rant i guess ..

i am here to help and listen to others not me rant again

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where is the big sign that says everyone can rant and be in pain except those called Fairycazzie?

I have severe pans in my lower back that can make me heave.

I can barely get to a seat and when I do cannot sit or lean back, the spasm won't ease.

if I could offer any solutions I would, other than a hot water bottle.

take care,


helper, listener and ranter :D


Yes, feel free to have a good rant, Fairy - sometimes it's all that will make you feel a bit easier!

You are in a very difficult situation, and as Sandra says, we wish there was a magic wand we could wave to make things better for you. (and for us!) :(

I'm sorry your doctors are not more helpful. If you feel that you aren't getting the help and reassurance that you need, maybe you could get someone to come with you to the surgery with a list of questions, and be prepared to persist until you get some answers.

You are normally so cheerful, but I can see that underneath you are getting a bit desperate, so I do hope you manage to get some help. Please let us know how you get on.

Love Moffy x


I agree with Sandra.... I can't believe I just said that... There is no reason for you to apologise for ranting and so glad despite the pain you enjoyed the night out. So if you need rant away...

VG xxx


Morning Fairycazzie you have just described my lower back to T at the moment I am sitting and gently rocking I find it helps loosen it a little. WE all need a rant sometimes it is like spring cleaning the brain :) Ialso herniated a disk in the lower 5 which have stenossis so on e thursday I see the back physio - dreading it but hey she may help. I will let you know after.

I also agree with Sandra! Warmth on the area helps Cold doesnt. Take it gently xgins


Same for me too :( make sure u drink plenty so u don't get constipated/ compacted as it can add to the pressure n pain. Ask for a second opinion too if not gettin any help. Rants help us all, even if only for others to know they're not the only one with the same symptoms. Were all here for each other. Don't ova do it hun. I had to give up my own business due to pain etc n now survive on benefits. A hard decision to make I know but ur health must come first xx


Hi kazani

Thanks i think i may have to give up but would rather us of got benefit 1st as i hear its extremely hard to get. So still got to fill in and send off DLA


Have a chat inbox if like . I got a big issue at minute re business with a customer and its my 1st ever problem all yrs been trading.

Not nice but i am seeking help already as think this one lost plot lol xx

Xxxxx take care of yourself and we all manage some how .

We are crippled financially now because of my love for job and not giving in but thats how it goes i guess.


Thanks my lovely fm funky wacky friends :-)

Still got it so hubby is booking a late surgery appointment as its every month nearly since 1st episode its happening but it eases off when my monthly has gone but leaves me with the twinges and of course makes walking more of a problem.

I mean cannot berrrlieve my luck as not been out since my daughters 21st couple yr ago and to be in a big nice pub where its packed out almost except eating area down other side where we sat as no way on this jolly earth cud i stand a few seconds never mind minutes, but did not cancel as we canceled tons of invites since 2011 and become hermit,

Just wrk and home and odd dinner after daughters footy games.

I was walking so awkwardly lol

As much as i laughed about it my friends were quite serious about it, concerned, i always say

'Its just a phase'

But driving was really hard wrk.

So i shall tortoise to the Dr & see sometime this week.

It will probably ease off by then and the dreaded dark inspection will happen again which i certainly do not enjoy :-/

I think its nerves pressing .

Sandra think hot water been glued to me hehe

Thanks moffy & VG and nice to see another volunteer!!

I been thinking and asked about it a couple of times think i need to beable spend more time tho on here.

Monday morning and got get this body rolling in motion to be out bit later at a customers.

Luckily she a retired Nurse!

Love her she funny we exchange naughty jokes allll the time.

She nearly 70 and got 2 men on go she tickles me so much

Xxxxx will try keep on/off today

So relax cuppa and feet up ladies


I have just went through the worst 6weeks of my life the pain in my lower back hips. legs. thighs.was unbearable doctor just drugged me with pain killers .put on a stone in weight (and I'm due for my diabetic check up so they will not be happy) as I could barely walk and slept so much .not to bad now .still can't stand to long on my left leg as the pain travels right up my leg to my hip .hate this fibro


I used to find my lower back hellish during monthlies, with burning, like skewers through hips and swelling tenderness. My back muscles would go into spasm. Heat was the only thing that helped, apart from Syndol which has relaxant and anti-inflammatory in it as well as paracetamol. This pill has worked wonders for me where others don't quite hit the spot.

Hope you get some help and respite via yr GP x


Hello all,

This is my first post as I have only just found this site and have just been reading posts for the last couple of days. My hips and lower back are my main cause of pain at the moment. You have all said that moaning on here is not a problem, so get ready for some world record moaning, groaning and ranting!!!!!



welcome, sorry you have to be here but glad you found us.

here you'll find support, understanding and silly fun.


Hi Ive got lower back pain my hips hurt my legs dont feel has if they belong to me ive had this pain for a long time now ,but i have just started to this pain for a fews months which is my lower part of my legs my shins hurt really bad my ankles hurt my feet really hurt , i cant walk has good as i use too it feels my ankles are so stiff they just wont bend when im walking dose anyone else get this . I think we have got to have some where to let off steam because we have a lot of pain to put up with plus it stops us from going mad knowing we are not suffering on our own . lots of love to you all xxxxxx


Hi I'm going through exactly the same at the moment and its awful feel like getting beaten up on a regular basis. I'm also getting pain across my shoulders and in my jaw at the min. Felt like callin out doc or ambulance night before last as though was really serious but hubby talked me out of it. Is this normal and is there any treatment we can get to help with it ???


Hi fairycazzie ,, after. Read your note,, Awww you poor lass .. Heart goes out to you . Can see your if feeling badly and need to talk about it. Thats what this site is for, I don't have the back pain but did around four years ago before I was diagnosed with FM. I did visit the doctor, whom sent me home with nothing and told me they can't do anything For back pain. I Was outraged know a little bit about back pain and decided to treat myself and see a reki healer who told me it seemed like muscular pain. After asking my bother to get the real tiger balm from Singapore . I used to rub it on all over my back. Take some pain relief at bedtime incase I moved. Strangely it moved into my legs and thigh. It did go on and off over around three months. I realised standing or long periods of time and I B S was seeming to make it worse. I changed my diet slightly and made sure I sat as much as possible at work and it lifted. I know that pain and remember it well. It's so awful. When I used to get up I couldn't straighten my back and looked like I walked like a 90 yr old. I hope it lifts i really do. I sympathise . BIG HUG.... X


Hi everyone ,

I am very suprised how many suffer and how strange it is affecting walking too . Its not even so much pain its the discomfort of it in tops of legs the shooting pains in legs and more things but i notice i get dioreaha too so is this discs i feel degenerating.

Its interesting hearing how you all have dealt or dealing with it.

Do you annoy the Dr or just suffer laying up staying indoors unable to go anywhere as unable to walk ? Xxxx

Xx hope you all not too bad today?


Hi Fairycazzie, so sorry to hear of your suffering. I developed fibro a few months after my hip replacement which was about 18 months ago but only in the last week or so have I really suffered with major pain at the base of my spine. Its doing my head in and wearing me down. I can hardly walk. I'm depressed enough as it is. I'm sure we're all thinking of you and wishing you better soon Fairy.


Hi shuskin

Wow this post was 8 months ago and am glad you posted because i am seeing a 2 nd neurologist in November and cannot remember when this started, as it stands 8 months on am still havinv problems, weakness, stiffness right knee pain cannot bend especially in bed at night and up and down stairs! Got planter fascitis in both feet on top and waiting injections, got i think ear infection now in agony! So tired its not real lol

I so feel for you i do and i not been given any test to check arthritis except 2 yr ago but camd back normal, everywhere is a problem in thd body and tender. Feel just an existence in life at times.

Xxi am also here for others too just not been on for a while , hD lots going on and still have , so low xx


Gosh, I never noticed that. Anyway, good luck with the neurologist. Have to keep positive. I know that sounds rather glib. Everyday is a struggle. I hope you feel a bit better soon.


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