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Sort of sensory related


hi, this is kind of related to the sensory overload thread I started, but I swear I'm going mad! I'm waiting for the kettle to boil and I can hear very quiet music, I'm on my own in the house, so I'm hunting for my phone in case I've knocked the MP3 player on, no, I check the pc, the iPad, the telly in the living room and bedroom. Nothing! Then I realise, it's the bloody kettle! my brain heard the kettle and 'translated' it into music!

What is THAT all about ??? Lol

hope you're all well x

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Oh Reni - first thing in the morning there's no sweeter music than the sound of the kettle coming up to the boil!

I don't think you're at all mad - we all get a bit of the old fibro fog, but hearing faint music when there is none is common - even in so-called normal people!

Also it's not unknown for electrical appliances to sometimes pick up odd snatches of radio transmissions - not sure why, but there's some obscure mathematical formula which explains it. I think the digital age may have altered that, tho' - all things change!


I used to have a hairdryer, whenever I used it I could swear I could hear the phone ringing! But it was just the hairdryer!

i guess its better than hearing peoples voices…ok i am going mad…perhaps lol but i am home alone all day apart from the dog and she doesn't speak, but i hear voices and that with no kettle on! :0 I have found no explanation!

I have this but it is because of Tinnitus. I always believed that Tinnitus was just a whistling sound but oh no it can be any sound according to the specialist I saw. So I am quite relaxed now when I hear music or singing when I am alone, I hear buzzes and whistles sometimes I here white noise. I have a hearing aid as my hearing on the right side was very low, the hearing aid has a button to press that makes a low shushing sound that I concentrate on that makes all the other noises go away.

Sometimes though its nice to hear a bit of music specially when it costs nothing! going bonkers as well...i heard a noise and i thought it was a sea was me weezzing!! lol ah well xx

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