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Hiya, hope you are all having a good (and painfree) Easter.

how many people here suffer from sensory issues as part of their fibro? I find I have issues with noises and smells. I was sat reading a moment ago, my partner had the telly on and I just couldn't cope! I found the noise of him talking, the telly and my trying to concentrate on my book overwhelming to the point where I wanted to scream with frustration and a kind of pain (not a physical pain, but a kind of mental pain). I don't know how else to describe it. This is happening to me more and more at the moment, any kind of competing noises just drive me mad. If somewhere is really busy, all the different conversations and sounds just merge in to one 'white noise' and I become so overwhelmed that I become angry!

Doesd this sort of thing happen to other people too? Or am I just meant for a quieter life in a monastery somewhere with no Tv and no people lol


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  • I have similar reni.

    speaking of monastries, the noise on the mars advert when the monks ring the bells makes me feel physically ill.

  • I have super sensitive smell though its come in handy for a gas leak we had ... But tuna and perfume makes me feel physically sick...

    VG x

  • On a long weekend visit to Copenhagen I threw up at the airport when I walked in and everything was white, white walls,floors and fluorescent lighting. I feel odd in some shops especially M and S who seem to like white and bright decor. I hate noise too, anything loud, even t.v. gets too much. Sometimes I'll get a whiff of something not very nice and spend the rest of the day with the odour in my nostrils...very strange. I've been told that it's all to do with the senses getting overwhelmed with light,sound,smell hitting the brain and all getting too much for it to be processed properly. Yep, give me a monastery any time :)

  • Dear Firefly, if flourescent lights and the colour white combined make you ill please stay away from Toni and Guy hairdressers. I was in one recently and I had to squint for the whole time I was in there as everything was so bright. The walls were white, the lights fluorescent and everything reflected off the mirrors not to mention the noise of the TVs and everyone chatting. Complete nightmare!. I had a migraine by the time I came out!

    I also suffer from a heightened sense of smell and recently discovered that the smell of shea butter makes me vomit - of course I had spent a fortune on a product containing it before I discovered this.

    I hope you feel ok now - see you in the monastery. S x

  • Oh glad it's not just me! Our M & S was refitted a couple of years ago and the lowered the ceiling on the second floor and did it out in super bright and I can only go in there if I'm having a super good day.

  • I'm sort of pleased in a way that there are other people with the same problem, but sorry about it if you see what I mean. I find shutting my eyes for a few minutes helps to re-set my brain, but not when walking round the shops of course :) Shea butter...not had that reaction but I guess our disordered brains account for that. If either of you know of any good monasteries I would love to go, but Tibet is not warm at this time of year ! . x

  • So it's not just me then? Lol. Any coping strategies for when you can't avoid it?

  • I find that if I'm watching TV I forget what people have said seconds before! Luckily if I have recorded the programme I can rewind but it's a buggar if it's live TV!!! My concentration is practically nil if I read, which I love to do, but, again, I find I'm having to re-read pages cos I've forgotten what I've just read!!! Now, what was the question?? XXX

  • I'm just like that with books too lol. Sometimes when people talk to me, it just doesn't go in and I look at them with this kind of blank, "I know you said something, but I have NO idea what it was and now you're waiting for as response?'. I'm sure that people think I'm just rude.

  • Me too!! Sometimes if I'm talking to a friend they seem to look at me as if to say - 'what are you talking about?' I sometimes pause before I answer, trying to remember what was said to me!! I think people think I'm losing it...mind you, maybe I am!!! LOL!!

  • Do you go off on wierd tangents and although it makes perfect sense in your head, to everyone else it sounds like you are just plucking random words from a dictionary and attempting to make one of those rowntree ransoms adverts?

  • Ho ho yes!! Like I once told my daughter I needed a leg instead of needing a wee! Asking for mad cow cheese instead of laughing cow, telling her to put the washing in the microwave instead of the dryer!! Telling people she'd be home from school soon instead of work! She's 30!! I'm beginning to forget my right from my left, I wonder where my keys are when they're in the ignition!! Where's my purse? It's in my hand!! Lots of things, some can be quite funny, but some are quite disturbing!! I pause in the middle of a sentence and forget..............!! You get the picture?!?! XXXX

  • I get the picture lol, you sound just like me. Last night I asked my hubby to pass me the Hoover, pointing at a pair of jeans on the washing line, even then I meant the towel!!

  • Ha haaaaaa!! So I'm not the only one eh?!? XX

  • Reni73,

    I am so in agreement with you on sounds. Luckily partner and daughter are fully aware of this now and we are all lovely and quiet most of the time! Smells bother me a lot. Not understanding people happens and the word thing I'm not so sure about but do think it has happened occasionally.

    I am glad I am not alone.xx

  • Hi, my other half is partially deaf and forgets how loud he has the telly on occasion. Certain smells really bother me, mostly food spells, I get paranoid that things smell off! I can't have milk open for more than a day, I become convinced it smells off and just start gagging.

  • My goodness, thank you so much for asking this question, as that is exactly how I feel. My other half has a really deep loud voice (and is deaf so has the tele really loud) and sometimes I could run away. I couldn't tell him cos he would probably be hurt or get the hump !!! Also when the grandchildren come around ( 5 of them), I am constantly telling them to shsssss and I feel like I am going made. I still can't get my head around this Fibromyalgia, sometimes thinking I am imagining it, putting it on, but it is slowly sending me crazy. I read all the blogs looking for something the resembles slightly how I feel , and tonight you said it, thank you !! x

  • Whilst I'm sorry for everyone who suffers, it is reassuring to hear other people have the same problems. Xx

  • I have the same problems and to help me cope I use sun glasses and prescription sun glasses, that dulls things down a bit and takes the glare away. To cope with noise when in town or anywhere noisy I use my MP3 ans listen to my favorite relaxation music if I have to go to a shopping mall, I get in as early in the morning as possible and on school days as it is quieter. my sense of smell is very strong and feel ill if someone has on heavy perfume/ deodorant or aftershave, I use my favorite perfume and put some on my finger and press it under my nose above my top lip or use peppermint oil which not only refreshes but clears the head.

    Has anyone else got idea's that may help others ?.

  • Well I almost feel normal again, thank you!

    I so often forget what I am saying mid-sentence or do not hear a full sentence spoken to me, my partner thinks I just don't listen to him. He thinks I ignore him and never speak to him. I am so pleased yet so sorry that you all have the same problem.

  • Hi everyone, I am now understanding why I get frustrated and almost psycho at the smell of alcohol. My BF loves drinking alcohol often, I can smell trails of it on my BF as he walks by, I feel as if Im suffocating when he comes over and the smell comes through the pores of his skin. This can also circulate my bedroom and I just want to get out and get fresh air. His drinking has also put severe strain on our relationship too. He told meonce that I need to see a psychologist as I react to the horrible alcohol scent. It really gets to my head.

  • Also forgot...... I have people alway asking me if I remember them, I forget faces, appointments, medication, names, words, what I was just about to say..... I told a doctor once and she tol me not to worry as its only just a bit of stress, I know its not me, and its not stress either, this has bee ongoing for years.

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