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Another day, another referral

Hi All, Well I can't say I'm not getting my money's worth out of the NHS (with the exception of course of the rheumy team whose cavalier treatment has been well ranted about previously). Finally got to see physio on Tuesday and been put on hydrotherapy list and given additional exercises. She thinks spine problems are combination of my scoliosis, natural degeneration and fibro stopping me move as much as previously and nothing to worry about. Went to dentist yesterday and just happened to mention I've been getting blood blisters in my mouth even when I've not eaten anything hard or sharp. Luckily there was still evidence of quite a large one under my tongue. Better refer you to the hospital says she as it can sometimes be a problem with people with auto-immune problems like you. Ah, says me, they've decided I don't have said auto-immune problem after all but just fibro and OA. Hmmmm, says she, this might be the missing puzzle piece they need. So now got approx 16 weeks to wait to see yet another specialist. Not getting up hopes up that this will generate any sort of change of diagnosis as, on previous experience of hospital which seems more concerned with hitting time targets than treating people, they'll probably say it's all my fault for not liquidising my food before I eat it. Wonder what liquidised cake is like. x

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Hi. I have just been down the route of referral to hosp for mouth probs. The guy there was great, understood about fibro. Did a mouth biopsy to rule out some stuff or rule in, whichever.

Sometimes its better to go this way, avoid the gp altogether then when you get diagnosis from hosp be it for mouth or eye probs and they refer you through to other depts you can say sucks to the GP!


Hi Misty,

Spidey's right - if you are an 'interesting case', you are much more likely to receive Rolls Royce treatment at your hospital, so go with it!

In answer to your question, liquidised cake ain't all that good, but liquidised chocolate is quite another matter! Mmmmm-mmmm :)

Moffy x


Hi there

It's great being interesting , you do indeed get much more response... As I have found out , though it does get a bit wearisome being asked .. Can the students see you... Liquidised cake ... Should be ok as long as you haven't got fresh cherries on it ... The stones might break your liquidiser :)

VG x


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