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Am I expecting too much?


Hi guys I'm feeling pretty low and fed up last night I had to have an ambulance out as I had chest pains. The good news ECG was ok & chest ex ray ok. However the consultant wasn't convinced of Fibro alone he thinks arthritis due to the obvious swelling in my hands and I've got sinusitis. Saw gp today and she agrees there's more than Fibro going on, I've got to have more bloods taken and see my own gp ASAP.

I'm doing this fundraising tea & cakes in two weeks mostly home made, I'm investigating the auto immune conditions link to my own village & building evidence on that and also a couple of other stressful personal thing.

My other /better half and my mum think I've taken on too much, I just want to be the old me.

What do you guys think should I accept help, am I just being stubborn?


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I completely sympathise; only diagnosed 2 weeks ago I can't get the hang of my limitations, but refusing to recognise that they are there prevents me from planning how to get the best out of what I am today. You are probably expecting an activity level for yourself that you would never ask of a friend with the same diagnosis. So be a friend to yourself; work out a timeline that allows you to do all these things but according to priority, and take help if it is offered (and if it is actually useful) It sounds as though some of your investigations would benefit from other perspectives and evaluations, and the funds will still be raised whether you made all the cakes or if someone helped you out.

My elderly car is only a 1400cc: it doesn't matter how much I put my foot down it is not going to reach 100mph and it is likely that bits may fall off in the attempt. Sounds like we all need to lift our foot off of the gas!

Hi Thankyou for your reply it has made me look at things differently maybe I need to be a little easier on myself.

I hope you are not too bad today. Xx

Sorry to hear about how low you are and that you are having to have even more investigations done. I just hope that they can find out what is wrong and give you some effective treatment. I agree with OldnCreaky (like the moniker) and think that you are really taking on alot especially as it is obvious you are really under par. As they say if you really must do all this accept any help that is offered and drop any bits for the time being that could be shelved for the future when perhaps you are in less pain and have a bit more energy. If my husband was reading this post he would say "pot, kettle, black" as I am a devil at giving other people advice on pacing and doing the exact opposite myself as I often think I am my "old self" and can do ten jobs at once and then are literally brought down to earth with a bang. There are times when you really want or need to do something and decide to go ahead and are fully aware that you will suffer for it but like OldnCreaky says it might be time to take your foot off the pedal for a bit and take care of yourself. Let us know how you are and how you get on with your tests. Soft hugs.x

Thankyou x

Hi Tinkerjack1912

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling poorly at this time. I always think that the greatest gifts come from love! Seize that gift with an open heart! They clearly love you!

Take care

Ken x

Thanks Ken. X

Agree with Ken. Do as much as you can but not too much, and only you can decide that. I'm sorry but not surprised you have multiple conditions with this and wonder which came first. We do seem generally prone to all or nothing. I find I don't hurt while I'm busy - ie distracted. It's only when I stop I realise I've overdone it :)

I've just been told I have diabetes related cataracts. Not the end of the world - I hope :)

Hi fenbadger, I'm sorry to hear about the cataracts I hope they can help you with it.

Today my knees feel like footballs and like they belong to someone else I think that's because my better half had an accident last night and I had to get to our local chemist before they shut so pushed my legs much more than that could cope with. X

in reply to fenbadger

I had operations the same as for cataract but for a different reason (pain and vision disturbances due to myofascial pain but it was really straightforward and nothing to worry about, so when it gets to the point where you have to have an operation go for it. My eyes have been great ever since. Love and hugs x

Cataracts are fairly easy to replace.

Hope your legs recover easily :) X

This is part of spoons. Now you've used a lot getting to the chemist, have a recovery period :)

I'm not sure a recovery period will come just yet, we've got to back to hospital to get Danny's jaw x-rayed as it looks like it could be cracked. Some one watching over us must be pretty upset for some reason. Sunday night I got rushed in by ambulance and last night this happened. Surely our luck has to change. Xx

Surely it must. Take care. X

You too. Gentle hugs. Xx

There no way u can do the things u used to do thats one thing ive learnt xx slow down a bit and ask for help before u make your self worse xxx

Hi Cefn48,

I'm not sure I can get much worse, I've already been rushed to A&E this week.

I'm sure I'll kick myself out of this at some point just missing the days when I could do it all and still move the next day. Xx

Aww love u sound like your in the wars xxx just try take it bit easy x big hugs xx shell xx

Thankyou Shell. Gentle hugs. Xx

hi tinkerjack sorry to hear you had to go to hospital and have to have further investigations then your other half has accident things are tought for you at present hope things improve for you soon extra large hugsxx

It all happens at once doesn't it, been feeling really low today went and sat in my quiet place feeling a little more human again now. Xx

Sweetheart you now have limits, while I know you want the old you back it not likely to happen. Take help when you need it to try and control a bad flare up due to over doing it. There's nothing wrong with wanting to do the things we are used to doing. Just know now you have limits and take the help and have fun with it. Do the baking with friends and family and while baking you can enjoy the company of those you hold near and dear to your heart. I know it's hard to look on the bright side but try to adjust so that you are more happy with the way things are. I hope this helps honey as I know how hard it is to change our lives to compensate for our bodies not doing what we would like. Hang in there sweetheart!!! xxxxx Mitzi

Hi Mitzi I'm all over the place again at the mo, I've been taken off my morning meds and down to tramadol which does nothing now and amitrypline at night, the last few days I've been back to an emotional low wreck, I even tried singing the rose this morning I've sung it many times and today I burst into tears. It's so silly the song has no meaning to me or anything. Gentle hugs xxx

Bless your heart, I really hope the doctors can help you. Have you tried the pain clinic? They could really give you something to help sweetheart, and if it's not helping call or go in and let them know. You shouldn't have to suffer so honey!!! xxx Mitzi

Except help! It's to your advantage.

Try not to do as much as possible.

It's a good feeling when family

understands and is willing to help. X

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