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Isn't it great to live in such a 'fare' society?

Here are just a few of the millionaire government ministers who gave themselves a tax cut today:

Lord Strathclyde worth £10m

Philip Hammond worth £7.5m

George Osborne worth £4.6m

Jeremy Hunt worth £4.5m

David Cameron worth £4m

Dominic Grieve worth £3m

Francis Maude worth £3m

William Hague worth £2.5m

David Laws worth £1m-2m

Nick Clegg worth £1.9m

David Willetts worth £1.9m

Theresa May worth £1.6m

Oliver Letwin worth £1.6m

Owen Paterson worth £1.5m

Kenneth Clarke worth £1m+

Sir George Young £1m+

Iain Duncan Smith worth £1m+

Michael Gove worth £1m+

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At least they didn't give themselves a pay rise :o


Hi agree completely with you, but I would point out that there are on that list some people whose overall wealth is not just from their jobs, but comes from inherited family wealth.

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Reading the news each day about the welfare cuts is making weep.

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Most of them are worth far more than you have stated here, they also own a lot of land and property, then there is the wives, many of them are millionaires. Plus the kick backs they get from multi million pound contracts awarded to friends of a friend and privatised utilities where many of them are paid as consultants and advisers, it all counts as income.

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I agree with everything you have said, also don't forget that most of these people have got rich parents, grandparents etc , many have inherited property and money and have never had to go without anythingor have to buy the cheapest of everything or chose between paying the bills to keep a roof over their heads or to buy food. Do they enjoy taking vunerable peoples money away from them - well it seems so..............

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I have a very small alteration to my original post, I actually cut & pasted it from another web page. I should have altered the word "worth". As three people have pointed out they probably have far more money, but none of them are worth it!

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