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George Osbourne joined twitter today

As I opened a twitter account to follow fibroaction I thought I would have a look at George Osbournes twitter...... Oh dear... He's getting a right bashing for the way he's cutting welfare benefits ... Etc etc... Warning if you are easily offended dont rush to look as there is lots of swearing on there from lots of very upset people.... I hope he has put someone in charge of reading all the tweets back as he might then realise how unpopular his welfare cuts are

VG x

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I'm very easily offended, so I'm rushing off to have a good look :O

I can certainly understand that people are angry - £50 -£100 weekly would be small change to the likes of him, but to those living on a limited income it could mean their family groceries for a week!

Moffy x


an away to look at the new tweeter ;)


Seriously doubt he would be bothered. We are at the bottom of the pile I voted for a poll posted on msn yesterday, asking people which of the measures available to cut spending would they object to the least. Way ahead with the most votes (41%) was to slash benefits. The man has no compassion, no conscience. Objections, swearing or not, from people like us have no impact. He certainly wouldn't loose sleep over it.


I think if he or a member of his family was going through the pain that we have to deal with every day then he would think twice.

I'm sure there are a lot of people like you or I that would love to get up and go to work every day,I wouldn't wish this amount of pain on any one xx :-(


I'd put money on Gideon not even touching a keyboard, pretty sure he has someone doing it for him. I think the same goes for his Bullingdon Pal David "Call me Dave" Cameron. It's about time they had Economics graduate in the Chancellor's job, perhaps then they would know what they were talking about!

Whilst there are multi-millionaires (regardless of Party) on the front benches making all the decisions then the poorer folks will always take a back seat cos they're too busy looking after their pals! The proportion of multi-Millionaires in Parliament is considerably higher than found in the population taken as a whole.


Water off a ducks back to people like him, no amount of insults or swearing will stop them from robbing the poor. That's how that lot got rich in the first place.


which twitter page is he actually on guys? There are a few and I don't know which is the best one to find all those swearing at him!!! :-o


George_ Osborne no u in his name in 24 hours he has 34 thousand followers and most of those are complaining bitterly



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