It is with a very sad face :( that. I have to take my leave of the forum.... I have really enjoyed my time here and hope that the friends that I have made I can continue to keep in touch with's been a very sudden decision but I had to make it today.. There was no other time to do it

Sorry couldn't resist Aprils fools .... For those of you celebrating my leaving ...... sorry to have ruined your day....

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  • Oh VG, please, please, please, don't go, I don't know what has made you come to this really devastating decision, as I read the top of your blog, I thought, well if she is going, what are we going to do, please please reconsider your position.......

    Very worriedly and hoping you'll change your mind..... Foggy x

  • Foggy you nit..... It's April fools day :D

  • Oh is it ???? Dear oh dear, there's no hope for me !!! Pleased your staying though............... Goes off sniggering like Mutley .......

  • You got me worried there, BG! Happy April Fool.

    Lots of love Jane xxx

  • Rofl I nearly fell for it! Happy April fools day!

  • Sorry Jane and TM I just couldn't resist

    VG xxx

  • Lordy! I nearly took a bite out of my heart! What would we do without you? xxx

    Moffy x

  • I worded it so obviously too... I had to do it today there was no other time.....

    Giggles while stopping moffy biting her heart ... I hope it's a chocolate one...

    VG x

  • it always pays to read everything hahah i usually read backwards and the 1st thing catching my eye was sponge bob and and April fools of course , as we brilliant in this house for it especially with my eldest son.

    Happy April fools i was starting to get excited there hahahah yeyeyyeeyeyeyeyey VG leaving lol ..

    joke!!!!!!!! no way your too funny there is some on here that have been here a while like you,me, and many other lovely ppl its like getting up and going to loo and putting my knickers on i can guarentee i will see you here hahahah..

    lots of love and hugs and keep it up xx ;-) caroline xxxxx watching lots of films today xxxx

  • U cheeky monkey.gave us all a laugh though.than ks.x

  • Oh he he he that was a good one. We shall never be complacent again we are,all so gullibable


  • How could you do that to me ! I nearly had a fit when I saw your post.

    When I've 'belonged' here a little longer I WILL get you back for it!!!

    (No hugs for being naughty)!!!!

  • I sincerely hope everyone will get me back .... Waits with baited breath :D

  • Crikey!! I was about to slit my wrists!! Good job I read the rest of your post!!! (sighs with relief) !! XX

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