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moving home

i have a swap, but i am very unhappy about it because, it means i have to give up my lovely home and garden,because i can no longer afford to live here.i have had my home adapted for me but my landlord has saiid because i could not get help from council,via discretionary payment. i have had my benefits cut by 14 percent like every one else.. i have sold my table and chairs, sideboard, my double bed, and bedroom suite,which will help me through the difficult time ahead. but i am very worried aboutthe future because i can no longer afford to pay my insurance for my funeral. i wrote to my mp but she said i should be grateful that i will have a roof over my head, i was a carer from 11 years old, but it was only because of my illnessthat i had to give up my job.i had a choice from my landlord and was told i could have a flat in newport on a 5 th floor block or take aswap., well i am taking the swap. it is alright it is a one bedroombungalow., better than nothing.i might not have much left ,but that is life. don,t expect much don,t get anything back. have asked for some help from social worker to see if i can get any one to help me move. but i won,t hold my breath, they have enough on their plates.

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That's a big upheaval and I am a little shocked at your mps comment , but a one bedroom bungalow sounds like the perfect solution, no bedroom tax, no stairs... I love my bungalow I just couldn't do stairs safely any more .. Once you have got moved in social services should come and look to see what aids adaptations you need and you will get used to it... Took me about a year to get used to mine as it was decorated very weirdly so after 18months we are still saving and doing one room at a time.

Once you are in and saving money again you may be able to start paying your insurance again.... I got round this subject much to my families shock .. I have left my body to medical science... Seems they are rather interested in it.....

Hoping you get through this and come out the other side

VG x


what a good idea about leaving body to science, but do they promise to bury or through what is left in the oven and give the ashes to the family. i would like my family to put me in the sea because i can go and see the countrys i could not see in this life


They keep you for 3 years or longer if you tick the option ... Then they will either cremate you and put your ashes in their garden if you choose ... That's what I did .. Or your family can arrange a funeral if you tick that box...

It seems the more you have wrong with you the more interested they are in having you so I I hope to be of some use......



Ring your local council and ask for an occupational therapy assessment to ensure that you have the right aids and adaptations in your new home.

This goes against anything that the government has said about those who are disabled and have adaptations in place, they should have discretionary payments. The local council will have to foot the bill for another set of adaptations.

I think the response from your MP is disgusting and they should not say such things to constituents. It's a good job you are not me, I would threaten or go to the papers with the way you have been treated.

I hope though that you enjoy your new home and soon make new friends with your neighbours and have a lovely garden. At least the bungalow will be lower maintenance in terms of cleaning, heating bills, etc.

Good luck



(((((HUGS))))) A swap into a 1 bed bungalow seems like the perfect solution. Don't forget to take lots of cuttings with you so you can start a new garden :-)


My Hubby and I have also got to pay the new bedroom tax, we have a 3 bed house that has been adapted with a wet room extra banisters etc. (this originally put in for Hubs) I have the adaptations for my deafness such as doorbell alert, smoke alarm alert, loop system. We have a bedroom each as we both have masses amount of pain, plus I have the old restless legs really bad bad, Dave as a machine for his sleep apnoea, yet this does not count as we would no longer be classed as a couple so rent would be more (so they say) as it would be a form of subletting. We have just spent most of our savings by purchasing new built in appliances for the kitchen when when the council renewed/refurbished it, before the cuts were announced, (£3000) so for us to move is not an option, I suppose we are luckier than some for our children have said if we start to struggle they will help pay the money. So I know exactly how everyone feels, my concern is that is this just the start I know they have claimed so long as the money is paid you won't lose your home....but how soon before they make it compulsory that any one in an under occupied house has to move? I don't trust this government as far as I can throw them. All the promises about pensioners taxes and things will not be put into practice until AFTER the next election. (are people stupid enough to put them back in power) they are targeting the sick weak and vulnerable, the new benefit system trials to get people off benefits and back to work are all taking place in the North West, where there is a job shortage. It is just how I remember the Thatcher years and the North South divide, what annoys me is the fact that they are blaming the previous government for the problems the economy facing, when it is staring them in the face that it is the issues in Europe and immigration that are causing the problems... Well it's same old same old in the corridors of power we should be used to it by now. OK rant over.


I have 2 extra bedrooms and I am being charged a extra 25%. My house has been adapted

they have even put a through floor lift in which takes up a lot of room in my bedroom. So I have to keep my clothes ect in the box room. But of course this does not matter. I am looking for a disabled bungalow as I can not afford to stay here. I too have a lovely house and have been here for nearly 29 years. If they had not put these new charges in I would of stayed here till I die. It all seems so unfair,


this goverment will always blame someone else, they are all millionaires so how can they uthderstand how people live. they don,t know how it is to live on benefits,i would like these upstarts to live for a month on benefits, in our homes. or an high rise flat. no extras.. i doubt it would happen. they would always find a way to cheat. they cheat us all every day. cammeron should hang his head in shame at what he is doing, it makes me mad and if i could i afford it i would leave this country. but it seems all the countrys are now getting pproblems because of the banks and greedy goverments


You got it all tied up in a neat bundle there Sylvia. They havent got the foggiest clue, and why they are taking away from the already struggling people in this country, is beyond me. You and I are going through the same situation now though. I am moving to a 1bed bungalow from a 2bed house next week. I dont really want to leave here but I looked closely at my future. I find steps and stairs harder now and I cant manage the garden, and since my daughter left home just over a year ago, I dont need her bedroom. I begrudge this stupid unfair bedroom tax, so Id rather pay to move, with a loan from DWP, than to pay the gov £10.12 every week for maybe years. So for once, Im looking after number one. I hope it will turn out happily for both of us. good luck. Carol.xx


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