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Hi all I am struggling with debt because of being on the sick and unable to pay my bills. I was diagnosed about twenty years ago with fibromyalgia Rhumatoid and Osteoarthritis i was awarded DLA and Mobilty for life then changed to indefinitely and still worked part time. Last year everything stopped first of all they took all my benefits of me then I started with severe pain and could no longer work and went on the sick. I tried to appeal for my benefits and even with my hospital and doctors notes they took the word of the Doctor who gave me a medical That lasted about ten minutes l don't know where to go from here and I am asking for your help. Could anyone tell me who can give me free help as I can't afford to pay for it. The stress I am under is causing more pain and I can't see and end to it without help.


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Hello there

I'm sorry to hear you are having problems. There are various companies that will give you free debt advice. If you go to the CAB they should be able to sit down with you and put you in contact with a company that will help you free of charge.

Wishing you peace and wellness.

Lu x

I agree try the CAB also you can try Benefits and Work online they offer help free and are very good

butterfly hugs x

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are struggling so much financially, and i have pasted you a link to our mother site, FMA UK who have a dedicated benefit advice line (you can also email them):

There is also a charity called Step Change that can give you free debt advice. I have pasted you a link below:

As PainfulPixie says, the CAB have a benefit section as well, and quite a few cities have a disability direct department and their phone number should be in the book. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


I can recommend the benefits and work website which I used to get my husband a PIP award. It does cost about £20 to join but you can get some sample pages without joining and these will give you some idea how to go about it. If you can find an actual human being to help you it is a lot easier as how ever good the information is you still have to do the work and that can be very hard if you have brain fog. Good luck and my thoughts are with you at this very stressful time!

Hi I think everyone has given you the advice you need, but I want to wish you luck and hope you can get this resolved. Best of luck.


If you drop me a line with your email address in PM I'll send you a list organisations I approached and what I managed to achieve from benefits, charities, trust funds and how I negotiated with people I owed money to when I was in a similar boat last year.

It did take a lot of time and effort but I really found it was worth it.

All the best

Clare xx

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Hi there

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Lu xx

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Lu xx

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Hero I read your post. I have fybramalgeria and unable to work. Do you know of any help I could get. Thankyou so muchx

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Wishing you wellness and peace

Lu xx

Thankyou Lu for your helpful assistance.

You're very welcome 😊



I used to be a debt support worker at the CAB until I became Ill

Part of the help you should receive is help to ensure that you get the benefits you are entitled to and with your consent negotiate an affordable debt management plan with your creditors

Finally DON' T PANIC Debt can be sorted if you ask for help

It all sounds very familiar, just remember not paying your c. tax or gas bill IS NOT A HANGING OFFENCE!

in my town we have a welfare rights officer who will give ALL the advise you need when you are unable to work long term. They might come to your home if you can,t get to them. look them up on you dot gov web sight. good luck

Contact your local welfare rights

Contact your local welfare rights

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