Any idea what to do with a computer that writes something different, just a littleentertainment//////

Hi all

What doyou dowith a computer [ see what I mean ] lets start again. What do you do with a computer that has a mind of it`s own, and as you can see runs all the words together, deletes what you have already written, and in general is a pain in the a... I hear you say,` get another one ` well, I would, but, with all the bills coming in, and the fact we are having to put on the heating, electric fire etc, because of the weather, I can`t afford it. Ahhhh. It`s a wonder I haven` thrown the damn thing out of the windiow It`s frustrating because, I write comments back to you, and then it does these things and by the time i have tried to put it right, I`m so exhausted, i give up, and then you don`t get my words of wisdom. SPLUTTER, SPLUTTER.. Anyway, enough of this tom foolery, I hope all of you out there, are having a better day, and if you are not, then know you are being sent loving thoughts, try to keep positive, because it is the only way sometimes we can get through the day.


Lyndia x

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  • Thank you Lyndia .... I know just where you are coming from I have an iPad as I can no longer use a mouse or laptop ,,, nice ....I hear you say...... I wish has autocorrect, spellchecker and is determined to write with no spaces and change my words to help..... I have enough trouble thinking what to write without this contraption sticking its oar in and changing words ... I wrote to congratulate you on your organs being fine re yesterday's hospital visit and when I looked the nice iPad had changed your organs to oranges... I am sure your oranges are fine too....

    Have a lovely bank holiday ...... Maybe if we got together our combined efforts would make one coherent post with no problems. :D

    VG x

  • ThanksVG i am sat here laughing my head off, you should see me, you`d think I`d lost it completely. Thankyou, my oranges are fine, I send the same sentiments to you. I think if we got together I don`t know about being coherent, I think we would be laughing so much, we wouldn`t get anything written [ I have written this so many times now, you wouldn`t believe, but also, I can`t stop laughing, I mean ORANGES, I v`e had them called some things before, but NEVER ORANGES ]hang on a minute, got to go to the loo, BACK, This mirth must stop, I can`t keep running to the loo, anyway, thanks for the giggle, I really needed that, see 76 and I can still laugh, I suppose that`s something. You keep well, and I`ve no doubt there will be more blogging over the weekend, and you are right again, it is bad enough trying to remember what you were going to write without this thing complcating it.



  • Morning Lyndia

    I had one that did this had a mind of . its own. There are two things you can do If as I suspect it is your oh the words gone not mouse but the pad you use instead. It has become far too touchy and it reads your hand movement over the top and moves things accordingly. Rhight there is a switch to de sensetise it near the pad or top left of it or in the computer file it just needs turning down.

    I had to get whizzard son in law to handle it for me. In the mean time a post it placed over the top works and you can lift it to move the mouse and type ordinarily when you want.

    I know it sounds mad but if that doesnt work a programme can be added to stop frustration Hope I ave helped xgins

  • Thank Gins[ There it`s done it again, I don`t know how long this will take to write,but will do my best ] I have just had a good old laugh from VG , even I think I`m going nutty, good job nobody else is here to see me. I will have a look and see if there is anything on here that will correct it, but I doubt it, it`s like me TOO OLD. You always write good blogs Gins, and it`s good to hear from you. I really feel that, although I don`t know any of you, I do know you, I suppose it`s because we share so many troubles in our lives, it`s good [ don`t take this the wrong way ] to know someone else is in the same boat. Anyway honey, have a good and restful weekend, I expect we will still be blogging over the weekend, God bless

    Lyndia x

  • Oh my life ... I am just imagining the thought of the three of us in a boat together .... Like the butcher the baker the candlestick maker ... Merrily paddling round in circles while trying to write blogs that make sense.....

    Yours up the creek without a paddle :D

    VG x

  • Good morning VG. Funny story coming up, but you have to use your imagination/// Well, been there, done that, -- up the creek without a paddle bit -- we used to own 17 boats [ sold them all when we went to live in portugal one of which was a 100ft 5 bedroomed houseboat, and a Dunkirk little ship, shame we don`t have them now, you could all have come and stayed, WHAT FUN ] well. I can tell you, you`ve never seen the likes of some of the things that happened to us, [ I could write a book, perhaps I will one day Hmmm ] like the day my 70 yr old brother came to stay, and we took him out in the speed boat, well we were going along nicely, Malc said would I like to steer, which I did for a short time, and then let him take over, thank God I did, the blooming thing went out of control and shot off at the rate of knots, with my brother and myself in the back, Dick and Malc in the front trying to control it, It was like a James Bond movie where James Bond is trying to get away from the gangsters, i looked at my brother , who is now green in the face and sitting absolutely frozen to the seat, the two in the front was shouting instruction for me to pull the pin out of the outboard [ very difficult this when you have to climb over the stern part] and we are now approaching all the other boats that had been moored, OH MY GOD, HOWEVER , Dick managed to get from front to back and pull out the pin, which resulted in the boat coming to a VERY SHARP STOP, and of course, when you stop dead like that, all the water comes up and drenches the lot of you, well, we did eventually make it to shore,[ this is the bit about up the creek without a paddle ] but my brother was never the same again, it sounds horrific, but very funny when we look back, fortuneatly, someone stole the boat and the trailer, [ we still don`t know to this day how they took the trailer as well ]which was probably a good thing in the circumstances, OH and my brother never went on one of the boats again - can` think why not///// However, if we ever buy another boat, and I don`t think that is going to happen, perhaps the three of us could go for a nice peaceful ride cruising up the river - NOT ////////////// Have fun today if you can,sorry if this was boring, but hopefully it stopped you feeling pain for a little while

    Lyndia x

  • By the way VG, although I don`t have the boats any more, thank God, I do have a cabin in the garden, so if you wanted to come and stay, [ oh and anybody else, the more the merrier ] we could put a dinghy in the garden, and pretend we were rowing, We coulld even sing ` VG row the boat ashore HALLELUIA , WHAT FUN ////

    Lyndia x

  • Morning Lyndia,

    It might need a clean up I can PM you with some advice if you like

    Emma :)

  • Hi Emma Thanks.that could be useful , hopefully my brain is active enough today, to take it in. Hope you are well, have a good bank holiday

    Lyndia x

  • Have you run a virus scan? Before getting a laptop or tablet (children bought them both! ) I found with the pc if the mouse was having its on fibro day then it could be a virus or too many apps opened at once x

  • Hi there, Thanks for message, will try virus scan [ if I know how to do it ] however, I think this machine of mine, has fibro fog all the time, [ although, like a man, can be very selective ] will let you know if it works. Have a good day, Hugs

    Lyndia x

  • Hey my iPad does that if I type too quickly I thought it was because the machine probably comes from Taiwan and I type in English although it all reads like double Dutch to me lol where on the iPad do I find this item and what is it called p

  • Hi. I think your iPad has gone on holiday to Taiwan again, it decided only to print half the message, ah well, that`s iPads for you , here today,gone tomorrow. Thanks for your message anyway, and when iPad returns, perhaps it will have had a good rest and get back to work /// Hugs

    Lyndia x

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