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helooo helooo heloooo bunny hopping across the forum hows easter diddling

well ok had a lie in until 12 as was chatting until late last night and battery went dead on laptop ohps..

sat here in pj's big pink fluffy dressing gown looking like been through the hedges, watching goones well kind of as am too busy posting on my little group i have built that i am so proud of and made some lovely friends, it is a closed group so very private for only those in it to see :-) its building slowly. I did it before i came on here.

i have had lovely easter pics to put on here but hmmm they are on fb so i could not post so ney miiiind .. feeling a pretty bit roughles as full of cold but hey ho its nothing compared to half this stuff going on really , except the drip from the holes and only when dropped i see and think noooooo way people may of seen that one

Have you all found your easter eggs i hid around the forum , sorry am a little late hopping in there i was over sleeping tut tut .

am sure you all was sneakly looking anyway for them .

all think of your names and think where they may be hiddden or think of what you like it may be in there hmmmmm .. gardens, circus, snakes. cages, sofas, wardrobes .

xxxxx happy hunting all of you and enjoy my dinner is about to be served xxxcazzie

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Thanks - I found all the Easter Eggs and am now very full. Oh - were some of them meant for others? Sorry! Burp!

Glad you had a good sleep - I stayed in bed an hour late in protest against British Summer Time, but felt guilty, so got up halfway through.

Hope your cold gets better soon!

Luv, Moffy x


hmmmmm you can always count on Moffy to get in there first, and stuff herself hehehehe

"You'll have a tummy ache later" as my Mummy used to say !!!

I was good, I turned by watch back before I fell asleep ....... hehe

Happpy Easter cazzie, Foggy x


Follows a trail of shiney paper and find two very fat and chocolate smeared fibromites.....

Well I never ....... Tuts and goes to sulk among a patch of shamrocks for any remaining hidden eggs


thankyou fairycazzie, :) I found mine hidden under the new sandsheets for the cage :D


happy hoppy easter



Hope you don't get any grit in your eggs San :)


wouldn't eat it with that on it :(

oh , you said GRit :-O


Bahhh yes sorry for the typo :D


just found a choccy bunny hidden in my tablet box - cazzie, you hid him well and what a nice suprise! :)



wow thats late to be up chatting , won't catch me doing that ;)


I am late I am late they ate them all :( Never mind the sun is shinning Had a good easter with small grand children lots of smiles lots of games lots of chocolate :) I am lucky to have such beautiful grand children :) Off to see two today at center pARKS for the day :) taking my ,mobility Jezebel :) Brill love and hugs xgins


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