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Hospital Today for CBT

Hi there, hope everyone had a good night. I am off to hospital today for CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). Its my 3rd session, and I have to say it has had a really positive effect on the way I think about things and if anyone out there wants to change the way the negative ways in which they think about themselves, other people and expectations of themselves then you should definitely try and get your doctor or pain consultant to get you on the waiting list. I have waited a year, but really worth it.

Right well I'm off to have my bath now. Must remember to put plastic bag on my foot - mustn't get it wet! Oh yeah I've just had a foot operation for Morton's Neuroma - 9 days in now, go to hospital to have bandages removed next Thursday.

Tut Ta for now. Love and hugs, Kimbell

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Good luck for today Kimbell soft hugs )))) Allan x


Thanks Allan, I read your blog earlier, sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday, but as we all know you pay for it the next:( x


Good for you Kimbell I have heard that this is a very positive therapy and people gain a lot from it.

It is so easy to let the pain take over and, take US over,untill you forget who you are,and everything is a never ending cycle of pain.

Which really is a hampster wheel at the end of the day and you just need to be shown how to get off it.

Am I right in thinking they also believe in you taking the pain meds regularly and not just when the pain hits.

I would really love to hear back from you as to how it`s going for you,so please feel free to private message me if we don`t catch up on here.

Good luck and enjoy your session and yes keep that foot dry.

Love and hugs Butterfly xxxxxx


Hi Butterfly, yes you do have to keep taking the tablets! I know personally that I do have to take them and if I miss, especially the night time dose I am in so much pain its frightening. Just missing one dose can really upset the routine.

Anyhow, thanks for your concern and interest, i hope you are having a good day. Love and hugs, Kimbell


Thanks for this. My doctor wants me to try it and initially I was reluctant but the way I have felt these last few days have decided to give it a go.

Downside is the 18 month waiting list, so may end up paying myself.

Good luck with the foot.

Caroline xx


Thanks Caroline, I suppose the waiting list depends where you live, I was told initially 18 months, but when I told my pain consultant that I still hadn't heard anything after 9 months, he must have got the ball rolling cos I was seen a year after first referral.

Paying yourself would be about £150-£200 per session, so i've been told by the hospital, but I would ask your GP just in case that is wrong.

I, like you felt reluctant at first, but went on the waiting list anyway because it's on the NHS and let's face it you don't always get treatments on the NHS.

It is a very simplistic style of treatment and on the first session, you do wonder whether it is worth it as you cannot see how it will work, but believe me it does.

Good luck with it and look forward to speaking with you again.

Love and hugs, Kimbell


good luck to you love diddle x


Dear diddle (love the name, by the way). Just wanted to say that I hope your cold is better today. I always feel that fibromites shouldn't have too put up with additional ills, as we have enough on our plates!

Rest and take it easy diddle. Love and hugs Kimbell


I am so pleased that some of you have found CBT to be really helpful. I had this last year, it did give me some food for thought but I am not sure I found it that helpful. I think it depends on the individual. I think it may just be me as many others report great successes out of CBT. Also mine was a group CBT class, people with all types of illnesses and pains came to it. Some worse than others so the group was quite confusing and divided. I can imagine that this therapy would be better on a one-to one scale? Any thoughts?


Hi fibrodude, I can't imagine this working in a group class senario. For me, the whole point is that I get a one to one about me! We talk about me, my pain, my thoughts, my feelings etc and work on that. It involves some homework, which I find hard to knuckle down to, but do try. On the whole I must say that I haven't down or depressed since going, which can't be bad! I would usually have at least 1 or 2 days of feeling like 'what's the point' and my first session was on the 26th April. I've had a foot op since which has all but left me housebound as i have to keep it up and rested as much as poss, which I think could have had pretty negative consequences, but so far so good.

Still, as you point out everyone is different and it may not be for everyone, but I would still say give it a go.

Thanks for talking, take care, Kimbell


Glad you are getting some benefit from CBT Kimbel, I had a course of private counselling some time ago which included CBT and it was helpful.

Caroline, my private counsellor charged £40 a session when I saw her about 2 years ago and CBT was part of the treatments she offered. She was recommended to me as I had previously saw someone at my GP surgery but only saw her once and wouldnt go back as I found her too scary. You have to click with the counsellor to make things work I think.

Fibrodude, I couldn't imagine taking part in a group session for CBT but I suppose everyone is different. For me it was a very personal thing.

Love angela xx


Yep, the group thing was awful. Not everyone was there for fibro, some had cancer, some had depression, the symptoms were so wide and varied that it just didn't work in the group. I may try and get CBT individually now as I feel quite spurred on by you all! Thanks. :)


You're right Angela, you do need to have a rapport with the counsellor, and although mine is quite starry, she is very supportive, encouraging and most importantly she listens. Love and hugs to you both, Kimbell


Good luck for today Angela hope it goes well for you hugs :) suzi xxx


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