Coffee Morning/Support Group Meeting

Coffee Morning/Support Group Meeting

If anyone is in the Deal (Kent) area tomorrow, the local fibro/me/cfs group will be meeting at the Landmark Centre in the morning.

It starts around 10am - I think (I'm always late!), and its a very relaxed group, just turn up when you're ready and have a chat with a group of people who understand and leave when you're tired or when we finish (around 1pm-ish). We meet in the cafe, you just need to look for Sue who will put some signs up so you can spot her - she'll probably be quite close to the counter, that way we don't have to go too far to order a cuppa :)

We always meet the second Wednesday of every month, so if you can't make it, we'll be there again next month... and we usually have cupcakes in December! :) :)

I hope its OK to post this here?

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  • Does anyone know if a group in great yarmouth or surrounding area? :-) x

  • Hello Irishjools, if you click on the link below it will take you to support groups in East Anglia, I hope there is a group near where you live - (((hug))) xxx

  • Just checked the list and our group's not there! Do you know how we get ours on the list? xxx

  • I am not sure about this Lindy, I will try to find out what the criteria is, if any. :) xxx

  • Many Thanks :) xxx

  • Lindy if you look at the info contained in the link below, it explains all you need to know. Any problems, please get in touch with us and we will do all we can to help you. :)

  • Thanks for that, I'll pass the info onto Sue tomorrow :)

  • My pleasure, happy to help any time! :) xxx

  • Hi I would love to come to the coffee morning ,but I live in Wiltshire now ..Boo Hoo :-( I used to live in Deal and my Father worked at the Landmark many years ago now! I lived there for over 40 years ,I did used to visit but not able to drive now....but maybe next year I will be better!1 have fun x ;-)

    Gentle Hugs to all x xx x

  • I used to be based at the Landmark Centre (running computer sessions) a couple of days a week as part of my last job and I volunteered there for a few years before that.

    I love living in Deal but surely Wiltshire is lovely too? :)

  • Is there a south wales/swansea group?

  • Looks like you're in luck :)

  • Thanks for posting this for Arrrrggghhhh (sorry if I've left out a few r's and g's lol!) :)

  • Wish I could have come sadly had to work I hope you had a good time x

  • We did, thanks. Hope you can make it another time xxx

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