Hi everyone I know its late but no sleep again, just wanted to share my good news, had the dreaded brown envelope this morning but what a lovely surprise, I've been awarded enhanced mobility and enhanced daily living, which is great because was on low rate care DLA. I'm so relieved, so lets hope that all of you who have put in for PIP it will also be good news. I have this until 2019 xxxxxx

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  • Well it's only 7:40pm here so congratulations so happy for you!

  • Thanks so much xxx

  • I'm so pleased for you. It must be such a relief for you. Waiting for the decision is tough but for you worth the wait. I hope you manage to get some sleep. I am going to try myself but feel hot and sticky tonight! Sometimes I repeat the Our Father prayer and that helps to relax me enough to drift off a bit. Don't know if it's your 'thing' but if you have a mantra it's worth a try. X

  • Congratulations x

  • That is absolutely wonderful news, congratulations.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Congratulations .As for the sleeping i think i have tryed everythink by now but still no joy and the weather is brill but not for my flaire ups .hope u can get some sleep xxx

  • Well done and congratulations, I had my assessment 3 weeks ago and still waiting to hear xx

  • Nelly1 Can I ask what the assessment was like? Is it as daunting as 'm led to believe?

    Jo x

  • Hi Jo,

    It wasn't too bad actually apart from the fact my lift from Reading to Swindon let me down and I had to drive there which probably hasn't helped me and it knocked me out for 3 days.

    The assessment wasn't bad at all, just be honest and tell it how it is on your worst day and how it affects your daily life.

    Again I'm still waiting to hear but fingers crossed. Good luck with yours Jo. xx

  • Thank you. And good luck x

  • To be honest was dreading it, but the assessor I had was a lady I believe she used to work as nurse, she was really nice, she could see I was in pain at the time, and said she'd try and be as quick as she could. She gave myself and son a cup of water when we sat down. She asked questions on how my illness affects my daily living, which I told her all about it, she did an examination such as seeing if I could grip her hand and pull or push my hands against hers, it took about an hour. I'm really grateful to have had someone as nice as her, I know a lot of people are as lucky with their assessors, take as much medical evidence with you, if you haven't already sent it in with your application form, and just tell them as it is. Also if they ask about your good days just say you don't have good days, you have bad days and worse days. Hope this has been helpful to you, and good luck xxxx

  • Jobananas thank you very much for the advice.

    Jo x

  • Well done

  • What great news. gives others some hope. Big gentle hugs for a better day today and an even better 1 on Thursday,

    Angie, xx

  • Oh that sounds like great news for you, I am so pleased! x

  • So happy for you have a fabulous day xx

  • So pleased for you. I am awaiting a tribunal date so I do understand how you feel. Hope it helps with things in life, the sleep thing I understand. Good wishesxx

  • Congratulations to you. It is always nice to hear when someone has managed to get the benefits due to them without having to fight every step of the way. It gives us hope that maybe, just maybe, things will be alright in the end.

  • This news is brilliant, I am so pleased for you :) xxx

  • Well done you what a relief! I'm waiting for my assessment date and dreading it. somehow got a feeling I wont be successful though!

    Jo x

  • congratulation! hope this goes to making it a little easier!

  • I am so pleased for you. You can join our Insomnia Club if you want there is unfortunately quite an active membership.x

  • Congratulations that will be a lot off your mind x

  • Well done xx

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