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Such pain!!


This isn't a's just a moan!! Today I am the most awful pain!! I woke feeling yuck, and it's all gone downhill from there. I ache almost everywhere, even my buttocks are hurting!! My left hand is sooo painful to touch, my right hand is twitching and I just want to sleep!! Everything I've done today has been a chore, I took my aunt shopping this morning and nearly collapsed with pain in the middle of Sainsbury's. I could hardly make it back to my car. My painkillers aren't working, but my GP doesn't have an appointment till April 19th!! The other members of the practice are rubbish!!

Just needed to blow off a little steam. Thanks guys!! XXXX

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I heard ya ;)

sue32 in reply to karma_13

Thanks's soooo nice to know there's someone listening who is non judgemental and knows how I feel XXXX


I heard ya too . I am also in a lot of pain mines been going on for 2 months in my feet and ankles. My pain killers are no good nothing seems to work , I am going to hospital tomorrow for a X-ray , but they are likely to say its fibro like they always do.


today i had 3 seizures and it was only 11.00 in the morning starting to feel like my whole life has been chewed up cant even get out the door in so much pain feeling really upset today the fact that we are having to budget our heating is making things ten times harder to live with .

Yeh my pain levels have been playing up for quite a while too. I dont think the crappy weather helps! Was thinking of seeing if I could see doc, like everyone it takes soooo long to get an apt unless u do the 8 in the morning run of ringing to get an apt that day!xx

I hope you start to feel better soon BIG GENTLE HUGS xxx Tina

I FEEL THE SAME! Painkillers doesn't work,and my memory is bad.

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