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PAin pain pain

Terrible tightness in my left side.

Especially in my arm like a band feeling or blood pressure cuff expanding.

Hand feels tight as well as fingers

Right hand is the same however not as bad then down to the leg and feet ..leg a little tight and feet and toes tight as well.

Any suggestions from my fibro family

Just wondering if any one experienced these before.

Pain meds dont work anymore .Thats the regular pain .I've been on lyrica that worked great but after a week on it I had muscle cramping so the Dr stopped it.

Then wellbutrin was good but made me tired.

I'd like to retry .oh did I mention the sweating and restlessness... This all happened so quickly in one day last week this hit on the left side and hasnt let up at all.

Thanks fibro family.

Here from you soon Dr appointment later


I'll keep you all posted

Gentle hugs to all.

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It's most often my left side that follows the same pattern sweetdreams1234 using a wheaty bag warmed in the microwave and trying to get some gentle movement going in the affected limb is the best I can offer :-) painful but slows the spreading numbness until some of the pills and potions can take over.

Could be worth mentioning to your GP if the limits of pain management are crossed frequently that the time has come for exploring which medication can be tolerated for improved management and mobility.


How did you get on at the docs. When I am like that I try to have a warm bath with epsom salts in it and whilst in the water do stretching exercises and try to massage my muscles. Hope doc has been able to help youx


So sorry to read that but now you have your medications, you at least have the hope of getting some pain free time which would be wonderful!

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this my friend.

Ken x


Morning Sweet dreams,

Honey are these pains New or are they old pain that has suddenly become aggressive? It is important if it is new to be checked by your Doctor. It sound very aggressive and debilitating and as you say the pain killers are not working any more! Time for an appointment today if you can t review your meds at the very least.

Let us know ow you get on-

Catch you later



I'd get your doctor to refer you to a pain clinic. It saved me, by making my life bearable. Hope this helps sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi


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