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pain everywhere

for the last few days my pain has been increasing. My arthritis is playing up something dreadful and my fibro is on overtime. I cannot concentrate. i managed to wrap a few xmas presents this afternoon but god only knows how the tree will get put up.

None of my meds seem to work today - i have had a heat pad on my neck and shoulders

all day Sat up in bed nursing my hot water bottle. This will be the first winter with the osteoarthritis and fibro and all my body hurts. I could barely make it up and down stairs today. I just want this pain to go away.

my night meds are morphine, tramadol, gabapentin and amitryptaline and they will

not kick in at all tonight. my fingers dont really want to type. the pain in horendous.

anyone got any idease of what else i can try to get through the pain tonight..

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hi , i am so sorry you are in such pain, i wonder if this wet weather we have had along with the flooding has a part to play in so many of us feeling so grotty ?

i wish i had a magic wand that i could wave and cure everyone but alas i don't .

could you manage to get into a nice hot bath ? i suspect not if you are struggling with the stairs.

have you managed to eat today ? or had hot drinks ?

i find the problem with arthritis is if we have to stay in bed everything stiffens up so we are more uncomfortable and sore as a result , i know they say keep moving but not so easy when you have so much pain even the thought hurts.

i am sorry i can't suggest anything that will really help apart from a warm hug , x


i have been up and about today . i went to my dads which is 6 miles i drove there. took him to the local shops for a few bits. had some lunch with him then came home. wrapped a few xmas presents then i could not do any more. my 2 cats seem to know when i am exhausted and in pain. came up to bed at 8pm with my hot water bottle /

i am my dads carer - he is very bad with arthritis alond with other issues.

thanks for the hug x


Hot water bottle? Electric over blanket? I use a combination of both of those and usually a couple of collies as well :p

If you don't have a hot water bottle and can't get upstairs, you can warm a plate in the oven and then wrap in a cloth so it doesn't burn you xxx


i got upstairs and came to bed at 8pm after my night meds - also i have a tempur matress topper - memory foam. also my 2 kittys which are both asleep at the bottom of my bed x


Dear bbstport,

If the medications seem not to be working you may need to call NHS direct if you feel you cannot manage the pain experience.You may need to speak to a Health Professional about the increase in pain.

Other than that some people say they find some relief from an Epsom salts in a warm bath if you have any in the cupboard, tens machine (again if you have or can borrow from a friend) , heat therapy (that you have been using ) and relaxation techniques may help. However , I know it is hard to relax when in pain but if you could try it may help a little.

I am sending best wishes that it settles soon so you can rest up and get some sleep

Warm Wishes



thanks for that emma x


No problems , I wish you well


sorry you are in so much pain.so am i and i am sick of Drs not acknowledging anything i tel lthem.igo to bed when i feel cold with extra blankets and my two furry(dog) friends to cuddle up to.


hope you feel a better soon

hugs x


I find the best 'hot water bottle ' is a dog! I know not everyone approves of animals on or in the bed, but she gets cold too and often wake up with her laying between the two of us lol

we only have oil heating and it's so expensive, so t does help cut the bills down! xx


yes i agree my two kittys tend to snuggle with me



Hi..My legs have been bad today.went 2 a 60th birthday party last night and didn't even dance,I just might as well for the pain and soreness today...feel like chopping them off!..:-(xx


awe i hope you enjoyed the party

hugs xx


If the pain has kicked in that bad hun there may not be much you can do but ride it out. I have had Fibro for 26 years and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the spine about 10 years ago, so having the two kick off together is something I just had to get used to. The fibro is ever present as my GP says it is chronic so I am in pain 24/7 and not on any pain meds. But I really hope things calm down for you soon, I know how unpleasant it is xxxxx


thanks for that how do you manage with no pain meds ? x


Thanks..I take 10mg of amitriptyline and Ibuprofen daily and paracetamol or co- codamal if its bad...I to have osteoarthritis almost every were xxx


thanks for your reply . Hugs xx


Hi I am so sorry to hear u in so much pain, I know its not much help but i too am sufferin more at the moment. my meds dont seem to always work either, i am movin soon and part of me it screemin no u cant do it. also its so close to xmas, the tens machine is a help but i fine sa soon as i take it off the pain returns. take care xxxxx


thank you for that and i am sorry to hear you are also in a lot of pain at the moment i dont have a tens machine myself .

take care xxxxx


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